10 Marvel Characters Written Smartly (But They’re Not)


Many characters throughout Marvel lore are cleverly written, but analysis reveals they’re not as witty as they appear. marvel comics It boasts some of the most intelligent characters in the history of the industry. tony stark and Lili Williams To Amadeus Cho and Renella Lafayette.

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Still, Marvel’s roster continues to embark on brand new stories, but every once in a while cracks in their armor start to show up. They’ve been built to be unstoppable when it comes to tactical prowess and logical thinking. But perhaps they just don’t have what it takes to stand alongside Marvel’s best minds.

Ten Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Image of Deadpool infected by Marvel Comics' Carnage symbiote

It’s hard to ignore that Deadpool is at the top of his game. His healing abilities are a major factor in all of this, and Wade Wilson can take more risks than the average vigilante thanks to his fear that death doesn’t exist.

In fact, it’s clear from several conversations that Deadpool isn’t as smart as he looks, no matter how capable he appears on the battlefield. is still stupid enough to allow his mouth to get him into trouble.

9 Irene Adler (Destiny)

An image of Mystique and Destiny fighting together in Marvel Comics.

Irene Adler may be better known as Sherlock Holmes’ rival and love interest, but the character is a mutant and is woven into Marvel lore as Mystique’s current romantic partner. . As a member of the Krakoan Council and a consistent manipulator, Adler appears to be one of the island’s most prominent thinkers.

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The Marvel character known as Destiny isn’t as smart as she’s written. Her mutant gift allows her to see the future.In this way, she’s given a deeper knowledge of what’s to come and can make it seem like she’s in control of how things unfold. Marvel’s Omega Level Mutantsbut her heavy reliance on power helped her stay at the top of the hierarchy.

8 Tony Masters (Taskmaster)

Image of Taskmaster brandishing a sword and shield as the leader of the Marvel Comics Thunderbolts

Tony Masters is a hired hand who has completed missions for the most dangerous thugs in Earth-616’s timeline. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to survive for long among the worst and most ruthless people, but the villain known as Taskmaster is written with some more wisdom than he actually possesses.

Most of his abilities come from observing others rather than thinking logically.He’s good at escaping and understands it’s time to get out of evasion, but given that he’s destined to One of Marvel’s best mercenaries Because of his tactical mind, he had to make quick escapes much more often than a truly smart person.

7 Frank Castle (Punisher)

On the main cover of Punisher #11 (2023), Frank Castle brandishes a flaming sword at Captain America.

Frank Castle is an unpredictable being. Waging war on his own battlefield, his genuine skill in the trenches masks the fact that he doesn’t think of his missions as logically as most vigilantes. It is a character that is very likely to ask questions in.

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So while Castle is very smart when it comes to his particular talents and is written to have a mind built for the strategy of warfare, outside of this niche area, the Punisher is his Certainly allowing yourself to be manipulated by The Hand is one example, the man-warrior paradox highlighted in this shift in thinking.

6 Parker Robbins (Hood)

Image of Hood with a gun in Marvel Comics

Parker Robbins was at the height of power, The Marvel villain should have quit while he was aheadKnown as The Hood, Robbins is always hungry for power, and his lust for magic, wealth, and status blind the reader to the fact that he is a desperate man with too many ambitions. I got

As the text once suggested, Robbins wasn’t as successful as the leader of the criminal underworld for empire-building experts. Hood has been written in many ways, sometimes including being a prominent thinker lurking in the shadows of the criminal world. But even the control of his once vast empire could be much more to Madame Masque’s credit than his own weak heart.

Five Nina Thurman (Domino)

An image of Domino leading Hotshot in Marvel Comics

Nina Thurman doesn’t have to be intelligent. She’s an incredible leader and has the street smarts to survive in the harshest of environments. She’s a survivor, and that takes a lot of quick thinking. do a lot of difficult work for

Some of the impressive feats Domino has achieved aren’t due to perfect planning or a brain that works faster than anyone else around her. Her mutant talents are a gift of fate, so there’s no denying Thurman is smarter than many of the others featured here, but her IQ is as high as her lucky break suggests. there is no.

Four Ted Salis (Munthing)

Images of Man-Thing entering the real-life nexus of Marvel Comics

The intelligence of Ted Sallis in human form should not be underestimated. However, Salis is no longer featured as a man. Instead, he evolved into something else. Munsing. The character is written as a guardian of a real-life Nexus.

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Many seemingly omnipotent people approach Munsing as an omniscient being who operates far beyond their ability to comprehend. But the more likely scenario is that Man-Thing’s actions are instinctive and less intelligent than the average beast, with a mission of protection built into his DNA that Ted his Far more powerful than anything left in Saris’ intelligence.

3 Nick Fury

Image of Nick Fury with a sniper rifle on the MAX cover of Marvel Comics

Nick Fury is a man with a planHe’s a prepper. Always ahead of the game and ready for anything that may be thrown in front of him. Sr. keeps track of his pulse, but he’s being reminded more often than necessary.

Fury is written to be clever and witty. All sources for the Marvel Universe. However, much of his story makes it clear that his actions are often reactive, dealing with situations after it has already happened. It’s not implied, but it’s blindly swinging to survive.

2 Ajak Celestia

Image of the godly Ajak Celestia from Marvel Comics

Ajak Transformed into Celestia, Ajak has always been omnipotent and one of the wisest of the Eternals. Their immortal status has given them centuries of insight, but they are always limited by their creators.Ajak shows a lack of critical thinking when confronted with his Celestials. , often blindly obeyed the demands of these sinister gods.

Even now, after the events of Judgment Day Marvel Comics shook, the ajaks are burdened not only with their eternal status, but also with the gift of God. Being Celestial themselves, on a mission to judge Earth, the Ajak’s intelligence is still distorted by their duty. It continues its mission regardless of the growth it has already seen.

1 watchers

Images of the Watchers Gathered in Marvel Comics

Uatu is the only Watcher to demonstrate the intelligence expected of these cosmic beings.of The Watchers have certainly watched over the multiverse, never interfering and always running away from the truth of the past. When that past caught up with them, they were still too blind to cope.

Perhaps hypocrites in many ways, the Watchers are unable to develop their minds by their pre-set opinions and rules that hold them back from the growth Uatu experienced. Nevertheless, Watchers are not as smart as they are written.

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