12 Signs You Need To Throw Out Food Before You Eat


Potatoes may seem harmless at first glance, but they have a dark side.according to UPI, in 2013, this tuber actually wiped out an entire family in Russia. It seems they kept the potatoes in the basement. As it began to rot, it released deadly gases. Unless you put a ton of veggies in a small enclosed space, this is unlikely to happen, but here’s a lesson to never let those root veggies rot.

Smelly, fluffy potatoes are obviously ready for the compost bin, but even before you reach this point, there are other things to take care of. The greener the vegetable, the higher the level of solanine it contains, which can actually make you sick if consumed in large amounts. You may have to. new york times) But it’s best to snip off the little green speck on the tuber so that you don’t feel nauseous in the slightest. is the best.

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