13 Netflix Movies You Should Watch If You Like Horror

Movie horror aficionados have their own ways of finding as many good horrors as possible, but often need to subscribe to every streaming service imaginable. But looking back at the more acclaimed and popular works in the genre in recent memory, such as zombie survival stories, #alive Or Satanic Satire babysitter, there is one place that many of them seem to have in common. In fact, there are plenty of other Netflix original movies that make a strong case for the platform’s macabre appeal.

Of course, thrill seekers know many other places where the genre thrives digitally. Shudder, an all-horror streaming service; Hulu Spotlight spooky content For the annual “Full Vienna” celebration.or Endless bloody B-movie Most can be found on Amazon Prime.Of course, Netflix has more than enough features A wonderfully bizarre horror classic availableBut what really helps set this place apart as a sure-fire haunt is the amazing number of films in its original line-up, often horror stories that can be found on other streaming platforms and in theater productions. meet or exceed the quality of .

If you don’t believe me, it could mean you’ve fallen asleep watching some of Netflix’s scariest exclusives, but after watching the original titles we’ve collected below, , may make it more difficult to sleep. The 13 of his Netflix movies below (which we found to be a particularly apt number for the occasion) are: Binge eating and drinking perfect for the Halloween season We’ll start with a recent hit that has a little bit of everything you want in a horror movie (anytime of the year for those who truly seek horror).

Rafe Spall in

The Ritual (2017)

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