1776 Tenino Bar Brings American History and Community Event to Thurston County This Summer

Tenino is a charming town located in southern Thurston County. The region will have a unique addition to its ever-growing list of attractions. 1776 Tenino Bar has been under construction since last year by locals Ross and Jade Johnson and is excited to open for business in June 2023. The bar promises to be a unique establishment that blends American history with a vibrant social experience. Tenino continues to charm visitors with its rich heritage and natural beauty, and 1776 Tenino Bar is definitely a must-see destination.

1779 Tenino Bar's bar table and chairs with two large screen TVs
The 1776 Tenino Bar offers a unique setting for a drink.Photo credit: Jade Johnson

Tenino’s local event space

The Johnson family has been a proud Tenino resident for many years. “Ross was born and raised in Tenino,” says Jade. “I’m from Puyallup, but I moved here over 10 years ago when I got together with Ross. At this point, I really feel like I’m from Tenino. Thank you to the community for making me feel welcome.” doing.”

If you’re in Tenino and want to support your local community, look no further than the businesses owned by Ross and Jade. “Jade has owned and operated The Kodiak Room for some time,” says Ross. Kodiak Room is a popular event space in the area known for hosting weddings, concerts, and other community events. “We thought it would be a great opportunity to have a fun bar area right next door.”

With their experience and passion for hospitality, they decided it was time to embark on a new venture with the opening of 1776 Tenino Bar in 2022. With deep roots in the area, they aim to create a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates both the history and future of the town.

Interior of the Tenino Bar from 1776. There are old portraits of presidents on the walls, bar chairs and a shuffleboard on the wall.
Grab a drink and play shuffleboard at the 1776 Tenino Bar.Photo credit: Jade Johnson

Tenino Bar with American History Speakeasy theme

The 1776 Tenino Bar will provide an immersive experience for anyone looking for great drinks and classic energy. A fascinating American history theme is adorned by beautiful walls made from native Tenino sandstone dating back to 1904. Additionally, the interior of the bar is adorned with historical artifacts and vintage decorations to create a truly nostalgic atmosphere. Cozy sofas and fresh food make it a great experience for families and late-night visitors alike.

Tenino’s newest bar also serves as an extension of the aforementioned Kodiak Room event space. The two are connected by a large archway made to mimic the original brick and mortar archways found in older buildings in the area. These combined areas provide the ideal setting for private gatherings, theme parties and community events. A unique blend of history and modern amenities allows visitors to enjoy a memorable evening while immersing themselves in a cozy and historic atmosphere.

A raw rood table and two large leather sofas with cowhide are in front of a brick archway leading to an open room with tables and chairs
Host an event and share space between the Kodiak Room and 1776 Tenino Bar for a special evening.Photo credit: Jade Johnson

1776 Tenino Traveling Bar

In an innovative effort to reach a wider audience, the Johnsons have exciting plans to introduce a mobile version of the 1776 Tenino Bar. This traveling bar brings the same historic charm and warm hospitality to different locations, allowing people across the region to experience a unique concept. The initial mobile bar setup is T90 Ranch During Tenino’s summer event.

T90 Ranch is a space focused on equine rehabilitation and conditioning. Camps and large-scale events are also held throughout the year. Between T90 ranch and events such as Oregon Trail Days Tenino should have plenty of opportunities to start this project. Ultimately, we hope to bring our ideas to even more event spaces across Washington.

Visit 1776 Tenino Bar for a taste of American history in Thurston County this summer

As Tenino’s tourism industry continues to grow, the soon-to-be-opened 1776 Tenino Bar brings a fresh twist to the area’s offerings. There’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to the Johnson family’s latest project. The 1776 Tenino Bar is poised to become a household name in the community.

So mark your calendars this summer with Tenino. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a unique place to enjoy an evening with friends, 1776 Tenino Bar is sure to find something for you.

1776 Tenino Bar
Next to Kodiak Room – 225 Sussex Avenue W, Tenino

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