$200 Million Worth Singer Shows Off His Surfing Skills With His 17-Year-Old Son at Ibiza

Surfing is filled with adrenaline and the pleasure that comes from being at the heart of nature. In recent times, several celebrities have taken up surfing as a passion. Recently, while celebrating his 40th birthday, Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel franchise, was seen enjoying the waves. Besides the Australian star, many other famous entities such as Simon Baker, Hilary Duff, and Jennifer Aniston are all known to surf now and then. Recently, there was a new addition to the club.

Chris Martin, the famous singer from Coldplay, was pictured surfing in Ibiza with his 17-year-old son. The $200 million worth musician has been seen riding the waves several times before with his family. He and his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow have been spotted on the beach enjoying the ocean in the past. This time, Chris Martin was seen conquering the ocean atop an electric surfboard.

From dominating music to commanding the waves


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It seems like Chris Martin does everything in style. When he landed on the beach in his surf shorts, he displayed a breathtaking physique at the age of 46. He then started surfing with an electric board, navigating through the water with ease. According to a report by The Daily Mail, during his surfing expedition, the popular singer was seen out on the ocean with his 17-year-old son Moses. He shares Moses with his 50-year-old ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

While he was chasing the thrill of surfing on his electric surfboard, he was witnessed taking a tumble or two. It seems like his Spanish holiday is not only about soaking in some sun. No, the ‘Yellow’ hitmaker is on a mission to exhibit his spotless eclectic surfing skills. While out on the bright blue water, Chris Martin had a look of pure concentration as he appeared to control the surfing equipment with a remote in his hand. Even though he came crashing down once or twice, Martin seemed unfazed as he simply gave a toothful smile and got back up again.

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While Moses and one of his friends were seen surfing with the iconic music maker, someone special was missing from the scene. The Actress Dakota Johnson, who Chris Martin has been dating since 2017, was not photographed along with the father-son duo. As for Martin, he has been surfing for a long time. In 2003, he got injured after a brutal wipeout during his honeymoon in Mexico. After that, he was again spotted surfing in 2010, in The Hamptons in New York. Martin is not the only celebrity who enjoys cutting through the waves.


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A-listers who cannot resist the thrill of surfing

From Reese Witherspoon to Zoe Saldana, several big names can’t get enough of the wave. When the surf’s up, they flock to the beaches to get their share of some liquid goodness. Chris Hemsw2orth is no doubt, one of these famous personalities who can’t get enough of surfing. In addition, Leighton Meester, Jacob Elordi, Orlando Bloom, Dua Lipa, Matt Damon, and Jonah Hill, all of them have been pictures surfing at one point in time or another. However, for some celebrities, surfing is not only about the thrill or adventure. DJ Khaled is known in the music industry for his popping beats.


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Recently, the music producer faced a severe wipeout in the water, which led to a horrific injury. However, something good came out of the bad situation. While DJ Khaled was in too much pain after the wipeout, the injury somehow made his golf swing better. And if you know just what an avid golfer Khaled is, you would understand why surfing made his life better, despite the injury. Luckily, even though Chris Martin experiences a few tumbles, he was not as badly injured as DJ Khaled was.

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