2022 in Words by Rob Kyff


With much horror I am here to review

22-2 notable languages.

“Inflation” “Supply Chain” “Ukraine War”

It aroused our worries and burdened us greatly.

I learned about “Kherson”, “Donbass”, “Kyiv”.

The bravery of the Ukrainians was incredible.

What Putin described as a swift “manipulation”

It was repulsed boldly by the resolute people.

With “Javelin”, “MANPAD” and “TB2 Drone”,

Zelenskyy and NATO showed a strong backbone.

Our highest court with a dark “shadow docket”

Cheered on some people and ridiculed others.

Overthrow of “Roe v. Wade”

He spat out a lot of “division” and angry rants.

‘Midterm elections’ brought passion and fire

From “MAGA” and “Election Deniers”.

They challenged “awakening” and all “virtue signals”.

“More power to parents!” Their voices were jingling.

But when it’s over, the rushing “red wave”

Tricked up, the Democrats gave

A Sigh of Relief — Is ‘Democracy Saved’?

Further hazards from drought and ‘mpox’ rife,

Meanwhile, “Dwemer” and “Prepper” searched the safe.

Because carbon dioxide has accelerated global warming,

Severe weather warned.

We are Twister and “Ian”, “Fiona”,

Still, the coronavirus did not end.

malicious “subvariants”, “influenza”, “RSV”,

The “triple pandemic” resulted in a plea from Fauci.

“TikTok” and “Twitter” became a train accident,

Our Congress has considered the influence of “Big Tech”.

Unfazed by this mayhem, we gladly indulged

Buzzwords and jargon make it clear here:

“Deplatform” and “kiddos”, “hard pass” and “full stop”.

I found ‘Polar Star’, but ‘Plant-Based’ was a pop.

During “work from home” or in the hustle and bustle of the office,

We bought those “eye bonds” and started a “side business”.

As an “influencer” with a “secret sauce,”

We ‘aspire’ to one day ‘be our own bosses’.

Until then, I am satisfied with the comfort of sitting,

Enjoy the pleasures of a simple “quiet quit”.

Across the Atlantic, we all mourned

of England’s beloved Elizabeth.

We learned some new terminology. “Queen Consort”, “King Charles”,

and easily ignored the sharp altercations of the royal family.

We ‘gaslighted’ our lovers and embraced ‘goblin mode’.

Our “complaint” culture didn’t seem to be eroding.

And few forget the visceral snap

We all saw and felt that rash “Oscar slap”.

Despite the chaos, we were all hooked

“Podcasts,” “Live Streaming,” and of course, “Pickleball.”

West Hartford, Connecticut teacher and author Rob Kiff solicits language sightings. His book, Mark My Words, is available on Amazon.com for $9.99. Please send misuse or abuse reports and examples of good writing by email to: [email protected] Or by regular mail to Rob Kyff, Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, California, 90254.

Photo credit: jill wellington on Pixabay

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