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Mayfield’s Daniel Grande finished fourth in the 200 Free in the 2022 Division I Cleveland State Division. (Brian Fisher – News Herald)

when: February 21-25

where: Branin Natatorium, 1715 Harrison Avenue NW, Canton

schedule: February 21 — Boys State Diving (Division II at 9am, DI at 3pm). February 22 — Girls State Diving (Division II 9am, DI 3pm). February 23 — D-II Swim Qualifier, 5pm. February 24 — DI Swim Qualifiers at 9am, D-II Swim Finals at 5pm. February 24 — DI Swim Final, 3pm

state modifier: A complete list of state modifiers for News-Herald’s coverage areas can be found at News-Herald.com.

2023 State Swimming and Diving Area Qualifier List

what to look for

Division I Men’s Swimming: Despite two qualifiers in the News-Herald coverage area, this year is better than usual.

South’s Joris Bowman felt bad going into Division I’s Cleveland State district, but still automatically grabbed a bunk in the 100-yard backstroke. But the reality in Canton is that 52.97 just won’t do. Akron Firestone’s electric Johnny probably needs at least 51.40 to finish his day 1 in a Marshall-led field. Boeman must be sub 25 by the turn.

Mayfield’s Kyle Gleba scores 100 freestyle berths in the senior campaign. As his 30th seed at 32, Gleba will need a big leap going into his second day. But unlike much of this DI field, he has the advantage of getting rich quick in his one event.

Division I Women’s Swimming: Mayfield Jr.’s Daniel Grande has arguably the best 500m of her career. That’s right, not just a time of 5:01.56, but also a perfect race structure that won the district crown.

Grande will be the seventh seed. Dublin’s Coffman’s Emily Brown, defending her state her champion, and no one has touched her 4:45 speed. But what about the ‘A’ final swim? 30.6 4:58 aiming to get a little closer to middle split pace will have to handle that desire.

Mentor junior Annie Bellow is very close to sub-24 with 50 frees, going for 24.03 in the district. Similarly, she must ensure her second day swim, but seeded 13th, why not crack in the ‘A’ final?23.80 is her consistency Given the , it doesn’t seem like you need to ask for much. Her 100 freeload was more dangerous and her top 13s were all sub-52s.

The Cardinals also beat the 200 free relay which showed a lot by finishing 3rd in CSU. Promotion is imminent — it may take 1:38.70.

The para event is contested in D-II, but Riverside’s Julia Hixson is the school’s DI performer. Hickson said she wanted to try her hand at PR in the state instead, in the district. A great way to end her trailblazing career, 31 in the 50th free and as low as 1:12 in the 100th, decreasing year by year in Canton and sweeping again.

Division II Men’s Swimming: After two weeks of scoring over 500 in sections and districts, the college has to repeat as state champions in a dominant fashion given its depth.

It may not happen with individual gold shipments, not Gibson Homes in Indian Hill or Lucas Lane in Dover, etc., but it will all work out.

Relays are outstanding in the United States. Battle with Indian hills, especially that 400 free relay is interesting. The preppers achieved his tournament record of 3:09.31 at CSU. With a night of adrenaline, it’s no surprise to see 3:07 finish in style. His relay of that 200 free is similarly cooked and could achieve 1:25.

For me personally, the US’s biggest chance at a title seems to be Jack Faulkner in the 50 free, who posted a 20.87 in the district. With the top four in the sub-21, 20.75 feels like it can get the job done. He could spend a week discussing the Preppers’ abilities. But in honor of the rest of his D-II contingent, let’s just say that Tyler Farkas, Ian Sullivan, Miguel Figueroa, Ben Davis, and Aiden Owens are all top four threats as well.

Andrews Osborne’s Chris Gorski is reigning state champion Jonathan Alder’s Eli Stoll, who should take the toughest test of a high school season for the first time in 100 years. almost broke the Both are very good, and it’s not strange to believe that the ‘A’ Final could be in his 48s. Gorski’s 200 free his pass is tough for lane, but a runner-up well under 1:41 is possible.

Also, Evan Warner of Beachwood (50 Free), Nathan Bender of Chardon (200 Free and 500 Free), Nathan Reigl of Geneva (100 Free and 200 Free), Ben Broz of Chagrin Falls (200 IM) and others individually. A” I have enough ability to do the final swim. Gilmore’s Andrew Lewis (100 back).

Division II Women’s Swimming: Indeed, with the team working for Canton, it may only be a peripheral focus. .

The Blazers had the final say in Sectionals and Districts, but the Hawks came a little closer with CSU. But even the most staunch supporters would have to admit that momentum is leaning in the direction of his HB.

Two keys for the Hawks will be dodging the 200 free relay, as opposed to last week, and big encounters with Nina Newton, Cary’s Edgar, Erin Butler, Chloe Bautista and Asma Khan. All points matter.

Hawken’s Sarah Pophal should be contending for the 500 free crown. That final will be between Cincinnati Hills Christian’s Taylor Butcher and her HB’s Meredith Stewart, who could enter in 4:54. Improving 4-6 in the sub-30 is key to the state title charge.

Away from Hawken, Gilmour’s Raina Collis should be a potential ‘A’ finalist in the 200 IM and 100 Free. She will have a better placement than Canton in 2022. Probably around 2:03.50. Collis managed to keep that 100 free interesting even in the ’51s.

The Lancers are also late to try their luck in the 200 medley relay at the state level. They have a quartet vying for top 3 and 1:46, including Maddie Sammut who showed tons in her 100 breast job at CSU and could be a top 3 threat there.

Also keep an eye out for the Chagrin duo of Alexandra Scharpf and Madi Machado. For Sharp, that her 200 IM field is a little wider than it used to be, so 2:07 might be enough for her for the ‘A’ swim. Throughout her career, Machado has been a bannerman and 100-breast in the News Herald’s coverage area.

Division I Diving: The only area entrant is South Sr. Seamus Garry, who was 7th in CSU with 348.40. He advances to his 30th of the seeded 32. With over 400 potential volumes, making it out of the qualifiers is difficult. But Western Reserve Conference champion Gary, who moved up 74 points in the district rankings from 2022 onwards as he ranks eighth, will get a taste of the state’s chances.

Division II Diving: This was the second build since Chagrin Falls junior Samantha Holtz came onto the scene as a freshman. She ranked her 3rd in the state as her 9th grade, 4th as her sophomore, and is the top her seed with room to spare with her 493.20, which earned her three consecutive district crowns. With her hard dive volume including 2.6s in the early game and her 50s or even 60s strike ability, it’s hard to match 1-11.

Her main competitor will likely be Napoleon’s Mara Cashman, who was one place ahead of Holz in Canton last winter by five points. I feel like 500 is going to close the deal.

Hawken’s Christianna Reineke should be in contention for the podium as a senior. Something around 360 might do it.

Cam Bizjak of the United States will enter as the top seed from 450.10, who won the district title. But reigning state champion Huron’s Max Wasiniak is also back. Wasinak ran out of control last winter as he won with 427.65 and Bijak was his fourth (389.85). I don’t want to oversimplify, but Wasiniak started to find his separation in the semi-finals (rounds 6-8). Bizjak needs to score a little better on CSU.

Bizjak’s sophomore teammate Kyle Raymond is also a potential Top 8 contender. He has already shown the ability of 330 to get there.

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