31 best kitchen recipes to cook this January


Solutions and goals are often made in relation to food and cooking.I’m focused on drinking more water (again!) and meal preparation lunch a week ago. If you are focused on increasing the size of your breakfast, peanut butter oatmeal When egg muffin Great place to start. Want more vegetables?go sauté Escarole (You thought I was a green smoothie?) — A fun change from spinach or kale, it’s easy to prepare in minutes and goes with just about anything. (For everyone I follow) Total 30 or trying to limit carbs), seat pan grilled chicken and vegetables An ideal place to start.

Use long weekends in the middle of the month for baking projects like bread. Cinnamon raisin swirl breadSnacks are also a must this month, whether you’re lounging indoors or spending extra time refueling after being out in the snow. chess mix At hand.

January is the month to unwind with warm, hearty soups and chili pots, noodle dishes, and comforting casseroles. we have it all. We want January to be a positive and delicious January, so here are 31 of our favorite ideas to inspire your cooking (and baking!) throughout the month.

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