4 DPS specs could replace Survival Hunter as worst game in WoW Dragonflight

from the beginning of World of Warcraft DragonflightThe Survival Hunter is considered the worst spec due to its lack of survivability, damage and utility. but, dragon flight In Season 2, four Specs may replace Survival Hunters.

According to the statistics of oh Mythic + Sight, Raider.IOAfriction Warlock, Assassin Rogue, Arcane Mage, and Frost Death Knight are on their way to dethrone Survival Hunter as the worst spec in the game.

These specs are a very low percentage in Mythic+ dungeons, meaning that few or no players are playing or, with any luck, can’t get out of “PUGatory”.

Afriction Warlock and Frost Death Knight have been on the same page since the start of the expansion, while Arcane Mage and Assassin Rogue gained fame in five minutes. dragon flight. Currently, Arcane Mage is topping the DPS charts with his Crucible of Shadows, Aberrus, but not the best in Mythic + dungeons.

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But it’s just the beginning. On May 9th, Liquid’s raid leader Max “Maximum” Smith spoke with his DPS main folks and said he has two separate tiers, the Mythic+ Tier List and the Raid Tier List, which are his favorite specs on his list. were asked to rank As you can imagine, all those specs, Frost Death Knight, Assassin Rogue, Arcane Mage, and Tormented Warlock didn’t rank high.

Arcane Mage is a big hit in Aberrus, but it’s important to note that it’s not everyone’s go-to choice in Mythic+ dungeons due to its lack of area damage. Affliction Warlocks, on the other hand, have not had much luck with this expansion and cannot compare to the damage output of Demonology or Destruction Warlocks.

Assassin Rogue can’t simply “throw” with Mythic + Key. Because the spec doesn’t have a lot of range capability options and it’s the best at cutting and executing scenarios. So he will always be one of the top specs in the raid. As for Frosto Death Knight, it still relies heavily on cooldowns like Sindragosa’s Breath and can’t truly shine until that’s fixed.

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Again, this is all based on public opinion, class popularity in Mythic+ dungeons, and recognition from classmains who broke specs along with Liquid’s Maximum. Breaking the meta, enjoying the specs you love, and ignoring the ones you don’t like are welcome.

All these specs need some love, but only Arcane Mages can expect big changes. Patch 10.1.5 Developers have removed Rune of Power to provide a more consistent area of ​​effect damage output. However, all hope is not lost and developers may soon change their minds and make changes to specs that really need attention.

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