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Fans of superhero comics and movies usually think of Batman as the hero who has honed his tactical and combat skills to near perfection, ultimately calling him the world’s greatest preparer. And to be fair, considering his extensive tactical library, which includes contingency strategies for effectively taking down and incapacitating all members of the Justice League, including himself, he’s probably the top. would be in the 5.Needless to say, he A genius like Lucius Fox at his side.

The Punisher is arguably Marvel Comics’ most fitting response to Batman, considering both the hero/antihero possess extensive tactical and combat abilities, making the Punisher one of the best the comics world has ever seen. one of the greatest preparers in the world. Most often it deals with street crime.Except they’re arguably not the greatest preppers in comics — Marvel/DC’s meta-commentary points out: Nicholas J. Fury In this article, we’ll explain why fans hold Nick Fury in such high regard.

Nick Fury’s childhood and career are vaguely and inconsistently described. In addition to claiming that he grew up an orphan and that his mother is still alive, he said he graduated from college in India and played a direct role in ending the Cold War. In any case, it is generally agreed that he is definitely a “war hero”. He also said he had been ready for death since he was 18, but what happened then and how it affected his life made him the ultimate death preparer. It is still unknown whether

he keeps his eyes open

Throughout his colorful career, Fury has clashed numerous times with the X-Men, Norman Osborn’s Oscorp, Hammer Industries, and the creation of SHIELD’s Ultimates (technically empowered operatives who work for the organization). supported. Although he played a key role in the founding and development of his S.H.I.E.L.D., it was not until several years later that Fury was given the directorship of the organization and established the Black Ops Division.

As a highly prominent spy in the universe, he had to develop various kinds of deceptive methodologies to keep people with evil intentions from getting his way.Everyone remembers the 2014 scene Captain America/Winter Soldier In it, he appears after his supposed death and explains to the villains that they must have both eyes open to be in his presence.

he has a base for every occasion

According to comic sources, Fury was given insight into a secret that had its own secrets when he took over S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, when his predecessor, General Ross, retired, Fury gained access to information that literally no one on Earth had access to. Combined with his paranoia and breaking glass in an emergency, he was prepared for any eventuality.

This super-classified information also included the locations of all SHIELD bases on Earth, some of which he even used personally. secret wars cartoon story. He spends an enormous amount of time updating the base’s protocols in case of a SHIELD breach, intrusion, or strange eventuality. Destroy a Helicarrier or 2.

Always have a backup plan

Most people were left wondering what the little Tamagotchi-looking device—a pager for those in the know—was that Fury dropped when he was snapped by Thanos and half his life was wiped out. Avengers: Infinity War. Now, just before reaching for the device and activating it, Fury saw Maria Hill disappear with the driver who crashed into her car. Knowing how to recognize problems the team couldn’t handle, he reached out to the only person he thought he could: Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was the one she met decades ago and helped her with on her mission.

This had previously inspired Fury to prepare for a possible alien attack on Earth, and having witnessed Danvers’ powers he “kept in touch”. When he activated the device before it collapsed, he alerted Captain Marvel, who answered the call and found Iron Man and Nebula in space and brought them to Earth, after which they fought Thanos. continued, which led to its final defeat. It’s good that someone came to work five years ago ready.

he uses life model decoys

“Preparation carries the day” seems to be the motto of this work. When S.H.I.E.L.D. was attacked by Hydra, Fury deployed his own LMD (Life Model Decoy). This is a Fury replica created by S.H.I.E.L.D. designed to replicate his appearance. In fact, Fury was so skeptical and unreliable that he survived several assassination attempts by using LMDs as decoys and by sending entire squads of his double on high-profile missions. . Unfortunately, it’s unclear if his LMD ever made an appearance in the MCU, but it’s entirely possible he’s a Kree disguised as Fury.

he knew people were prone to mistakes

Before showing his other eye, Fury learned that the upper echelons of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the organization itself had been compromised, and sought help from Steve Rogers. He broke into Cap’s apartment and told what had happened while pretending to talk about his wife, knowing that others might be listening. The conversation is punctuated by the arrival of the Winter Soldier who shoots Nick, but not by Nick handing Steve the USB revealing Hydra has invaded S.H.I.E.L.D.

A big part of the movie’s progression was Fury’s five-pronged thinking, which led Captain America to overthrow Project Insight. This is the same project that killed off nearly every known and potential hero, including Stephen Strange.people who have recently traveled Mad Multiversewhere he met actress Lashana Lynch I drew a black Captain America.

While still quite active in comics, Fury’s participation in recent MCU movies has been downplayed since. winter soldier Up to some post-credits scenes and plot devices.He was last seen in 2019 Spider-Man: Far from home and recently mentioned Spider-Man: No way home He has been away from this world for over a year, and his exact whereabouts are unknown. Wherever he is, he’s probably gearing up for the world’s next threat, perhaps the next threat to emerge. Khan the Conqueror.

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