6 holiday purchases people won’t regret


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Research shows that more than half of people regret at least one holiday purchase.

According to Finder’s Black Friday Shopping Report, 60% of surveyed individuals later I regretted buying a sale itemMore than half of those surveyed said they plan to shop on Black Friday, despite previous buyer remorse. sale.

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans planning to hit store shelves this season, is there a way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? We asked the experts if there are any holiday purchases people rarely regret.

Take a look at your January credit card statement to find items that will last you a long time without the New Year gloom.

fine outerwear

One of the surest purchases is quality outerwear. Extreme weather can hit you from coast to coast, so you definitely need a good, durable jacket.

Johnny Yu, founder and designer of outdoor survival canada“When temperatures drop sharply, you need a reliable coat to keep you warm and dry.”

finder Apparel turns out to be the number one reason most people regret their purchases. Their survey found that more than 77% of those surveyed bought clothing or shoes that they later regretted. To avoid this, Yiu said:

One-time experience

Martin Boonseier CEO trusted home buyerrecommends purchasing either a one-time experience gift or a membership for a loved one.

“Putting money into other people’s minds is very rewarding,” he said. “One-time experience gifts are tailored specifically to the interests of a loved one. These are trips, tickets or activities that can be used only once and are typically booked months in advance. Examples: a round of golf, tickets to a sporting event, tickets to A Christmas Carol, tickets to a concert.

membership or access card

Boonzaayer also suggested membership would be a good way to go, stating: As parents, we buy these items often but fail to show our children their true value. ”

Examples of good membership or access cards are “playground passes, zoo memberships, museum memberships, kiwiCo boxes, wine subscriptions, meal preparation services, magazine subscriptions”.

Things necessary

Tia Campbell, Marketing Director reasoning test practicesuggests that people should focus their holiday shopping on essentials.

“In my opinion, if you need a new stove, refrigerator, or other household appliance, now is a great time to buy one for yourself. Make sure you’re getting all the features you need.Some big ticket items may have promotions including gift cards and cashback.”

long lasting holiday decorations

Debate rages on: real or fake? While many people are pondering over which type of Christmas tree to buy, the truth is that very few people regret taking the plunge and buying a quality artificial tree. No. Real wood smells nice, but it’s expensive and messy. Risk of fire if not properly managed.

Fake trees, on the other hand, can be a long-term investment that pays for itself in just a few years. After all, real wood costs over $180 for a decent 7-footer. A nice faux tree may cost more, but you only have to pay once and can be purchased pre-lit for added convenience.


an experienced attorney, Maison Law, says consumers should consider “purchasing assets for holiday purchases and gifts.” These things serve as an investment.

“Gifts such as real estate or precious jewels may help people make more money or act as a store of value,” he said, adding that art is “a way for people to create wealth.” or to help save,” he added.

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