A hut burns down in the wilderness of Alaska, men survive for more than 20 days in extreme cold

He wrote “SOS” in the snow and traced the letters in the ashes. Tyson Steele knew that was the best way to get help.

His cabin in the remote wilderness of Alaska burned to the ground. The nearest town was 32 miles away. And now, with no shelter, limited food, no phone lines, and freezing temperatures, Steele was completely alone. His dog Phil died in a fire.

According to a detailed news release issued by the Alaska State Police and an interview with Steele, it happened suddenly at midnight on December 17th or 18th. He said he had forgotten about that day. The 30-year-old homesteader from Utah made what he called a “rash mistake.” He threw a big piece of cardboard into the fire in the woodstove. A spark rose from the chimney and then fell on the plastic roof while he was sleeping, Steele explained in an interview with authorities.

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