After a night of air raids, Palestinians in Gaza fear escalation.gaza news

Gaza City, Gaza – Samar Alwan rushed to the bed of his 2-year-old daughter when the first Israeli airstrike took place near Al-Dora Children’s Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday night.

Moments later, the glass shattered from the window above the bed and crashed into the crib.

“My daughter miraculously survived,” Alwan, 23, who was hospitalized for two days with his daughter who had a fever, told Al Jazeera.

“Last night we were sleeping in a hospital ward, and suddenly we were awakened by the sound of a terrifying airstrike.

“They were moments of great terror. The glass was falling. I rushed the child out of bed. After a while, the window fell into her bed. I was on the verge of losing her.” bottom.

Samar Alwan with his 2-year-old daughter in Al-Dora hospital [Abdelhakim Abu Riash/Al Jazeera]

A hospital in the eastern Gaza Strip was partially damaged when Israeli planes bombed a vacant lot nearby early Friday morning.

The attack caused extensive damage to nearby homes and buildings. Israel said it had attacked weapons production sites and underground tunnels linked to the Hamas group, which controls the territory.

Alwan said the shelling could have wreaked havoc on the hospital.

“Because of the intensity of the bombing, all the sick children were frightened and screaming, creating widespread tensions between mothers and medical staff,” she added.

“Glass had fallen and shattered from the windows. Some windows had fallen into beds shortly after sick children were picked up. This could cause catastrophe and numerous injuries. bottom.”

Children stand near a vacant lot that was bombed last night in eastern Gaza. [Abdelhakim Abu Riash/Al Jazeera]

The Gaza Ministry of Health (MOH) has condemned Israeli airstrikes that “partially damaged a hospital in Gaza City and terrorized children”.

“This is not the first time a medical facility has been targeted and is unacceptable,” the ministry said in a statement.

“These attacks not only endanger the lives of patients, but also create a sense of terror among healthcare workers, patients and their families.”

The Ministry of Health called on the international community to take action against the attacks on these medical facilities and take measures to protect medical facilities and staff in the besieged Gaza Strip.

After the atomic bombing, Alwan said her daughter’s condition worsened and her fever increased.

“Some of the children here have spent the night shivering with fear. Our children are poor in Gaza and do not enjoy Ramadan, Eid and other celebrations. threatened by the , and it may strike at any moment.”

“Like an earthquake”

Majidi Abu Nyima and his family wake up at 3:00 am (1:00 GMT) and eat Suhoor (pre-fast meal for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan) at their home in Al-Tufa district of Gaza City. I was.

Suddenly, Israeli fighter jets attacked the vacant lot next to their home, causing severe destruction to their home and causing fear among the families.

“It was like an earthquake,” Abu Nima, a father of seven, told Al Jazeera. “We were terrified. We immediately rushed to her three daughters’ bedroom and found our two-year-old daughter covered in shattered window glass.”

Majidi Abu Nima stands in the bedroom of her daughters affected by last night’s nearby bombing [Abdelhakim Abu Riash/Al Jazeera]

“I will never forget her shock, fear and heartbeat. Everyone in the house was screaming.

“Until now, I don’t understand why they bombed our area. How can they bomb an empty land for no good reason? There are no resistance fighters, no military installations here. Housing. It’s just a vacant lot between buildings.”

A 44-year-old man described to Al Jazeera the difficulties he faced when trying to buy a home.

“It’s been less than a year since we moved into this house, but the installments are still piling up. The joy of is gone.”

Majidi and her son check furniture that was affected by last night’s bombing. [Abdelhakim Abu Riash/Al Jazeera]

“I lost his car”

The eldest son of the family, Mohannad Abu Nima, 26, told Al Jazeera that when he heard the first attack, he rushed downstairs to check his car.

“As soon as we got to the stairs, the second, third, fourth, fifth strike came. They shook the place. It was full of dust.

“I thought I had died from the atomic bombing, and I heard my parents crying and calling my name until my voice reassured them that they were fine.”

No one in the family was hurt, but Mohannad was grieving the loss of the car he had purchased six months ago.

Mohannad Abu Nima checks the rest of his car [Abdelhakim Abu Riash/Al Jazeera]

“I worked day and night to buy it and then put all my savings into it. rice field.

“The situation in the Gaza Strip is excruciatingly difficult. Bombings have come and everything we have left has been destroyed.

On Thursday night, the Gaza Strip witnessed a long night of escalation. Meanwhile, Israeli fighter jets carried out air strikes in several locations, including farmlands and vacant lots, while Palestinian armed groups launched rockets into Israel.

The latest escalation in Gaza began when Israeli police attacked worshipers at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, leading to widespread condemnation from the Arab and international community.

Residents check aftermath of destruction in last night’s Israeli bombing [Abdelhakim Abu Riash/Al Jazeera]

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