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“The problem is that for Alice, dining is not just about having a restaurant, it is about feeding people. Basically, the farm-to-table problem has been hers from the beginning. She made a word, she changed the way millions of people eat now,” said Annie Philbin, director of the Hammer Museum. “I think her ambition is to change the way we produce and buy food.”

Fifty years may have passed, but Waters’ drive to unlock the power of food to improve our lives shows no sign of slowing down.

“I think the real joy comes when you win someone. [and] Convince yourself. Expect miracles. Expect it. Know that it is possible to change your mind and habits. I can do it. If we do that in the public school system, everyone will benefit,” Waters said.

“I’m really focused on this delicious revolution.”

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of table of the world Through the past, present and future, “break through the kitchen ceiling” by changing the way the world thinks about food.

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