Alligator director dies after being ‘attacked’ by 40 crocodiles

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May 26, 2023 | 10:45 am

40 crocodiles died today when a Cambodian farmer tried to strangle one of their reptiles.

“A crocodile attacked and attacked him until he died,” May Sabry, police chief of the Siem Reap commune where the man’s farm was located, told the viral press of the freak accident.

A 72-year-old victim named Luang Nam is said to have entered the enclosure to remove one of the crocodiles from a cage where they were laying eggs.

Savley said things took a tragic turn after the beast “attacked a stick” used in an enclosure and “fallen into the enclosure”.

Suddenly, the reptilian shepherd was attacked by dozens of animals, ripped to shreds, and the ranch covered in blood.

A crocodile rests at the Luangnam reptile farm in Siem Reap on May 26, 2023.
AFP (via Getty Images)

The 72-year-old man’s community has pushed him out of business for years.
viral press

Attached photos show animals paddling through Nam’s blood, and video shows authorities removing his body from the scene.

The police chief said Nam’s body, covered in bite marks and missing both arms and a leg, was reportedly swallowed by a crocodile during a feeding frenzy.

His dismembered body was then taken to his parents’ home.

Nam, who was also the president of the local crocodile farming cooperative, was reportedly encouraged to quit the business for years. CBS reported.

Authorities remove Nam’s dismembered body from the crocodile cage.
viral press

In a similar horrifying incident in 2019, a 2-year-old Cambodian girl eaten alive After falling into a crocodile pit on the family farm.

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