Alternative aviation fuel and drone delivery bubble tea

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Everything you need to know about the wild world of alternative jet fuels

The aviation industry is responsible for approximately 3% of man-made global warming. One way the company hopes to reduce this is by using new fuels, which could help it reach its climate goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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These alternatives are made from a wide range of sources, including used cooking oil and landfill waste. These can mainly be used on existing aircraft.

However, the actual impact of alternative fuels will depend on many factors. Climate Change Reporter Casey Crownhart digs into the science. Read full text.

Casey’s story is part of the Tech Review Explains series, which unravels the complex and sometimes confusing world of science and technology to help you understand what’s going on. Check out other stories in the series.

I ordered bubble tea by drone in Shenzhen

— Yang Zei

During a recent trip to China, I learned that Chinese food delivery platform Meituan has been flying delivery drones in the city for more than a year.

The reality of drone delivery is still far from ideal, and the steep learning curve can keep people away. Tapioca His tea order has many obstacles, including the need to find and travel to his kiosk for pick-up, and bugs in the ordering system.

But at the same time it was an exciting experience. The prospect of regular drone deliveries has felt more real than ever. Read full text.

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must read content

I scoured the internet to find the most fun/important/horrifying/engaging stories about technology today.

1 Predators are using AI to create child sexual abuse images
This is a very severe trend and sadly it will continue to grow. (bloomberg $)
+ A viral AI avatar app, Lensa, made me undress without my consent. (MIT Technology Review)

2 We still don’t fully understand how social media affects adolescents
But it is clear that the risks outweigh the benefits for some. (WSJMore $)
+ The first generation who grew up on social media are also unhappy. (Atlantic $)

3 Ron DeSantis announced on Twitter that he is running for president of the United States.
Same goes for live broadcasts with Elon Musk. (Guardian)
+ Twitter is basically a far-right social platform these days. (Atlantic $)
+ We are witnessing brain death on Twitter. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Virgin Orbit is carved
It’s a sad ending for a once-promising rocket company. (CNBC)
+ What’s next for the universe? (MIT Technology Review)

Five Chinese Labs Sell Deadly Fentanyl in Exchange for Cryptocurrencies
Strictly speaking, its production is enough to kill everyone on the planet. (Wired $)

6 Massive Netflix password crackdown is coming 📺
Allow logins to be shared between households now. (The Verge)
+ Those who continue to share will be asked to pay a monthly fee of $7.99. (WP $)

7 How Three Teenagers Nearly Crashed The Internet
The Mirai botnet they created quickly became a devastating hacking tool. (IEEE spectrum)
+ These days, students are trained to defend businesses instead. (bloomberg $)

8 The internet is obsessed with pure culture
Anti-sex activists have repeatedly clashed with pro-sex activists online. (vox)

9 Want to watch full movies on TikTok?
Millions of users are discovering previously unknown movies every 10 minutes. (Atlantic $)

10 What Happens When Digital Nomads Come To The City
First of all, locals tend to have higher prices… (Morerest of the world)

quote of the day

“Even if we lose the Chinese market, we have no emergency over it. There is no other China, only one China.”

— said Jensen Huang, CEO of semiconductor giant Nvidia. financial times Hiding trade with China could ultimately hurt U.S. companies.

big story

Why Venture Capital Doesn’t Build What We Really Need

June 2020

Venture capitalists sell themselves as the top of Silicon Valley. They are talent diggers, cowboys and risk takers. They support those willing to resist the system, claiming they deserve big rewards and light taxes for doing so.

This predominantly white, predominantly male financial sector has backed fast-growing software companies like Google, Facebook, Uber and Airbnb that have generated millions of dollars for the shrinking American public.

But they don’t create many jobs for ordinary people, especially compared to the companies and industries they destroy. And things are slowing down. These days, venture capitalists are finding less and less ideas that fit their preferred patterns. Read full text.

— Elizabeth McBride

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+ This cool Twitter account tweets text graphics through the ages.
+ Checkout method supernova once in 10 yearsI use nothing more than a backyard telescope.
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+ Lou Reed: Icon of Cool, master of tai chi.

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