Amarillo Business News and Developments for May 14, 2023

State-of-the-art bronchoscopy offered at BSA Health System

On Thursday, May 11th, BSA Health System performed the first Intuitive Ion procedure. BSA is the first healthcare provider to use his Intuitive Ion intraluminal system in the Texas Panhandle. The Ion is used to perform robot-assisted bronchoscopies for a more detailed and minimally invasive view of suspicious pulmonary nodules. The system can reach and biopsy all 18 parts of the lung, so it can reach more, reach more, and get more answers.

“Early detection of lung cancer is the result of multiple diagnostic options available to physicians,” said BSA Chief Medical Officer Michael Lamantia, M.D., Ph.D., in a news release. “BSA is proud to be the first in the region to offer this state-of-the-art system that allows physicians to perform biopsies of small nodules around the lungs. Not all nodules are accessible.”

BSA Cardiothoracic Surgery and team Michael Bibler said: On Thursday, BSA Health System performed his first Intuitive Ion procedure.  BSA said it was the first healthcare provider to use the Intuitive Ion intraluminal system in the Texas Panhandle.

Ion is designed to address the challenging aspects of lung biopsies by giving physicians specially trained in BSA new access to small targets deep within the lung. Vision probes integrated with Ion’s ultra-fine catheters provide physicians with direct vision, allowing them to reach areas of the lung that were previously difficult to access. Its shape sensing technology provides precise position and shape information throughout the biopsy process. Ion allows physicians to perform needle aspiration in a less invasive procedure.

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