Apply your housing industry skills to your next career


it’s crunch time housing industry. Sadly, some organizations have seen job losses or layoffs, leaving some former employees wondering, “What’s next?”

Whether you’re affected by industry layoffs or trying to secure your future career, applying for and getting interviews for new positions can be difficult.specific careers like underwritingcomes with a very niche set of skills — ostensibly — that don’t translate to many other positions.

Over the past few weeks, HW Media has Information gathering From employers, job seekers and others interested in new careers in the housing industry. HW+ members now have access to the ‘Job Board’ in the Community App. Members affected by layoffs Special HW+ Fee.

If you’re just starting your job search and want to use your experience in the housing industry for your next ideal role, try these tactics to market yourself as the ideal candidate.

prop tech

identification prop tech Companies are actively hiring. They appreciate previous underwriter, loan officer or realtor experience in the industry. These candidates have a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the business. These candidates are also well aware of their day-to-day job weaknesses.

If you are a former insurance company looking for a PropTech job, focus on the following job skills you used in your previous insurance company positions.

  • data analysis
  • written and verbal communications
  • math aptitude


Companies inside and outside the housing industry are actively recruiting job seekers for sales positions. Proptech companies can hire salespeople to sell their products in the B2B space. SaaS companies may also be entering the market for salespeople.

Housing industry professionals can leverage the unique skill set of interviewers in this area (especially former realtors) by focusing on these skills in their cover letters and resumes.

  • sales experience
  • written and verbal communications
  • brand marketing
  • contract negotiation


The field of education is much broader than K-12 education. There are many companies that specialize in professional education and career training where you can make use of your experience in the housing industry. This is especially true for former housing industry professionals who were in the game for years before starting their job search. That vast experience may be just what a new agent or loan officer needs.

If you’re looking to share your experience and educate the next generation of housing industry professionals, highlight these skills in your next job application.

  • written and verbal communications
  • Lead generation and community outreach
  • Digital skills (e.g. Zoom, email, computer programming)

Whatever direction your career takes, HW Media wants to help unemployed housing professionals get back on their feet.check out This link, Go to the HW Community Career Connections service. fun job hunting.

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