Artists and Local Football Club Support Spectators’ Soccer Skills at Freeze Los Angeles


Frieze Los Angeles VIP Preview Day as part of the non-profit art production fund and reigning Major League Soccer champions Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) Frieze Projects program.

Held on the grounds of Santa Monica Airport, members of the LAFC Street Team guided the fairgrounds through a series of stretches, soccer practices, and even scrimmage. Some participants were more prepared than others. Many of the group had changed into matching workout his sets and running shorts, while others dribbled the ball in his long dresses and ballet flats.

Participants used footballs printed with designs by Los Angeles artist Alake Shilling. Her pottery and paintings feature designer Lisa colorful characters inspired by her childhood love for Frank. buggy ball (2023) shows one of her recurring characters, a pink bear, wearing a blue cowboy hat and holding a flower.

Art and football lovers will have another chance to hit the pitch at Freeze on Sunday (19 February).

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