Asiana Airlines: Passenger arrested for opening plane door during flight to South Korea

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View: Inside the cabin with the airplane door open during flight

The man who opened the door of an Asiana Airlines flight landing in South Korea has been arrested.

All 194 passengers survived and landed safely at Daegu International Airport on Friday with the doors open.

Local media reported that some passengers fainted and others were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.

According to Yonhap News, a man in his 30s said he felt suffocated and wanted to get off the train as soon as possible.

According to reports, police said the man told interrogators that he was “stressed out by losing his job.”

Airbus A321-200 jet OZ8124 took off from Jeju Island at around 11:45 local time (03:45 GMT) on Friday.

About an hour later, when the plane was about to land, a male passenger opened the emergency door while the plane was still 250 meters from the ground.

Passenger videos shared on social media show a gap on the left side of the plane, with the wind blowing through rows of seated passengers.

Flight attendants were unable to stop him as the plane was about to land, witnesses told local media.

The man once tried to jump out of the plane after opening the door.

Passengers spoke of panic on board.

One of the passengers, 44, told Yonhap News, “People near the door fainted one after another, and the flight attendant called the doctor on the plane through the broadcast, causing chaos.”

“I thought the plane was going to explode. I thought I was going to die,” he added.

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Asiana Airlines plane lands in Daegu with doors open

There were school-age kids on board as well, heading to a weekend sporting event.

“The children were shaking, crying and frightened,” the mother of one of the students told Yonhap News.

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