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Baldwin County 4-H offers a variety of events this summer where children in the area can make new friends and learn life skills while having fun.

4-H Agent Brittany Harrison said she has some fun days planned for the summer, but there are some she’s particularly looking forward to.

One will take place on July 17th and will be an opportunity for Harrison to share her knowledge as a family science and consumer science agent.

“I’m bringing ‘kitchen basics’ to the table, where students will learn about food safety and basic cooking skills over the course of a day and then put them into practice the next day.” I tested and actually cooked breakfast, lunch and dessert,” she said.

Harrison said children have the opportunity to cook dishes like watermelon pizza, for example. At breakfast, the kids learn how to make an omelet and she teaches them how to crack an egg and flip an omelet. The recipes that came out at the event will be delivered to your home.

“What I teach my kids is so easy that they can do it with their parents,” she said.

Harrison is ServSafe certified and will also teach kids about food safety, including proper hand washing, knife use and how to avoid foodborne illness.

“They learn a lot of information in those eight hours a day,” she says.

Another exciting event is a free class called “Your Money Your Future Day” in July.

“I’ve never done that before here, so I’m very excited, and that’s very important,” Harrison said. “Our young people need to learn about financial literacy. I think the curriculum I use is so good that my students are able to get the basics down and really benefit.”

Other events, especially during the summer, such as “Nifty Thrifty Day,” also give children the opportunity to learn more about financial skills. Harrison said last year’s event was a huge success as groups visited two Macon thrift stores and were challenged to come up with the best outfits for the least amount of money. The winner was served a free lunch.

“Even if we didn’t win, we still got big discounts on some quality items,” Harrison said.

Youth participants do not have to be 4-H, but they must be in the developing fourth grade. Once you understand everything the organization has to offer, you are expected to become more involved.

“We would love for them to come and stay. We have a lot to offer all year round…” Harrison said.

4-H Program Assistant Haley Introcaso said that in addition to the fun days of summer, she has several other educational programs in the works for the summer. One is a forestry program where children learn about nature, how to score trees, how to identify diseases, and more.

“It’s fun, but it’s also an educational program,” she said.

There will also be a series of four-day DIY programs that give children specific challenges. For example, one event challenges you to make paint out of several different materials that you later use to paint. Introcaso said the challenges will be engaging and STEM-related.

More information on forestry and DIY programs will be published in early June.

Summer Fun Days registration and payment deadline is May 31st. Registration must be completed in person at his 4-H office. Additionally, registration for the Rock Eagle Summer Camp is still open. It is also possible to apply for scholarships. Please visit the 4-H office for more information.

Harrison said he encourages everyone to take advantage of Summer Fun Day. She said parents can rest assured that all staff and volunteers are background checked, tested and CPR certified.

The benefits for children are many, she says.

“They aren’t just learning social skills,” she says. “They’re learning financial skills, they’re learning cooking skills, they’re learning all the skills they need in life…but it’s also a chance to make new friends.”

For the latest information on the summer schedule, please follow Baldwin County Extension-GA or visit our website at:

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