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Olean — Local boys and girls will compete in baseball and softball this weekend on the big stage in their hometown.

After hosting the Junior NBA Basketball Skills Challenge with the City of Olean in 2022 and April, the Greater Olean Regional Chamber of Commerce will co-host the MLB Pitch Hit and Run on Saturday with the Olean Oilers baseball team. at Bradner Stadium.

“The Chamber of Commerce attempted to host the PHR at Forness in 2017 and 2018, but it didn’t happen due to the timing of opening dates for Little League and Softball,” said Chamber of Commerce COO Meme. Yanetsuko said.

But after two successful junior NBA programs, Chamber leaders tried again.

“The Chamber of Commerce contacted us in February seeking help co-hosting and running the event,” said Oilers president Matt Fidulco. “Our players won’t be here until the end of May, but we’re here to introduce both the Oilers and baseball staff and volunteers to the contestants.”

Fidelco said the Oilers could also be represented by team general manager John Dry, coach Mike Beimer and staff volunteers Cody Simp and Abby Bricker.

Major League Baseball Pitch Hit and Run is a free event that gives boys and girls ages 7 to 14 the chance to showcase their baseball and softball skills by participating in and performing in the MLB® World Series. You will also get a chance.

The three skills are “Pitching”, “Battering”, and “Running”. The purpose of the pitch is to test the accuracy of the athlete’s pitch by hitting targets in the strike zone. Each player has 5 attempts to reach the target in his zone that he strikes.

Hit: The objective of the hit skill is to hit the ball as far off the tee as possible. Each batter from the teeing ground he scores 5 tries. Run: The purpose is to see how fast you can run from home to home by measuring your athlete’s speed.

Athletes are tested and measurements are recorded. Based on your score, you advance from local events to team championships held at MLB stadiums. The top scorer will qualify for his two full-cost trips to the National Finals held at the World Series.

This event is the only event held in the region, with several events held in the Buffalo and Rochester areas. To enroll in the Pitch Hit Run program, please visit: hit and run/ When prompted for the nearest match, enter Orlean zip code 14760. For more information about MLB Challenge or to volunteer, please call or email 372-4433.

The event will be the first Oilers-related baseball of the season.

2023 will begin on June 5 with an away game against the Dunsville Gliders. The first game at Bradner Stadium will be Kids Day, when students from the Olean City School District will enjoy the Oilers baseball vs. Genesee Rapids game. The first public home game will be a doubleheader against Rochester Ridgeman on June 10.

Tickets can be purchased at the gate and season tickets can be purchased at the sports lockers.

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