Bear Grylls talks tough challenges on survival race show

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May 14, 2023 | 11:22am

Let’s tell the truth: Contestants of “”Survived Bear Grylls“It wasn’t supposed to be” that too I was surprised by the unusual dishes they ate when they were on the TBS competition series.

“Many bull testicles, fish eyes, cow lips, turkey penises, all the same.” Grylls Talked to the Post about “I Survived Bear Grylls,” which will premiere on May 18 (9pm)

“I Survived” is a mashup of the survival and game show genres.Hosted by Grills and The Comedian Jordan Conleyit is a celeb-focusedInto the Wild with Bear Grylls,” and “Run Wild with Bear Grylls

“I always have the same focus … empowering other people and showing them how the wild can build us,” said Grylls, 48. [to do that] And “Into the Wild” introduces the stars to the magic of the outdoors.

“With this series, I wanted to introduce ordinary people, not celebrities, to the outdoors, and show them that the wild can challenge them in ways that are hard to find in everyday life.

Comedian Jordan Conley, co-host of Bear Grylls and “I Survived Bear Grylls.”
TBS/Warner Bros. Discovery

“It’s an adventure survival game show where you create scenarios in a controlled environment and have armchair survivors show you what they’re really made of,” he said. “There are so many armchair survivalists, let’s educate some people to recreate a very interesting survivalist disaster environment, and see who’s just mouths and who’s all pants. prize.”

Grills said the challenges faced by the contestants are nothing like a walk in the park and are beyond the limits of their patience and perseverance.

One of the contestants has a bucket filled with water in the wilderness and handles it.
TBS/Warner Bros. Discovery

“We had so many challenges, but it was really fun coming up with all these things. I’ve been through it many times,” he said. “For one challenge, I had to simulate breaking my leg and splinting it. Being zapped with 50,000 volts of electricity. [in it]trying to recover a broken cell phone…all this while being doused with water and in pain.

“We always have a large survival team with a lot of medical workers,” he said. “We pushed people to their physical, mental and emotional extremes. People went hypothermia and got close with bows and arrows, axes and other things,” he said. .

“It tickles the psyche of those who overcome risk.”

Whatever it is, it looks disgusting, but it’s all part of “I Survived Bear Grylls,” which premieres May 19 on TBS.
TBS/Warner Bros. Discovery

Grills said the contestants who survived were most proud of their achievements in overcoming their initial fears.

“A lot of people talk about a good game…and let’s be honest, if they keep their heads down and coach with heart and efficiency, they tend to grow,” he said. “It’s an interesting scenario at the end of each episode where our inspirational characters show great courage and often surprise themselves.

“And I love it,” he said. “People really want to prove themselves and show me and my family and loved ones that they have what they need.

“You never know who the heroes are in real life.”

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