Best Camping Gadgets, Gifts and Gear Innovations of 2017

when it’s the coolest 2017 water toys Tired of you, you’ll be happy to know that technology has your back again when you land.The latest and greatest camping tools and gadgets use innovations in technology and design to help you cook, sleep, and sleep. , enhances every aspect of relaxing under the open sky. And whether you’re writing your own holiday wish list and double-checking it, or shopping for someone else, each one from van-dwelling millennials to nature-loving backpackers to outdoorsy families. , could be a perfect gift for anyone.

BioLite Fire Pit

This year, BioLite has taken its culinary skills even further, using fans to assist. Furnace For backyard and outdoor use. FirePit’s main innovation is smoke reduction. That’s because, while a slightly fragrant fire smell is nice, smoke can quickly become your camper’s worst enemy when a change in wind turns your relaxed sit-down into a watery-eyed cough.

BioLite FirePit’s mesh chassis provides a view of crackling flames

Unlike your average campfire pit, BioLite’s FirePit uses a battery-powered set of air jets to oxygenate a natural wood fire, making combustion much more efficient and smokeless. The intensity of these jets can be controlled via the FirePit itself or the Bluetooth app. So you can enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and warmth of a real wood fire without the aggressive smoke.

The FirePit’s 10,400 mAh battery can be removed for charging and can also charge mobile devices. With a removable brazier grate and wood/charcoal function, the FirePit easily functions as a grill. All in all, it looks like a smart and versatile addition to any campground.

BioLite launched a US$200 FirePit on Kickstarter in September and now has pre order on that website. It won’t ship in time for the holidays, but it has an estimated shipping date of August 2018, just in time for the end of the northern hemisphere’s summer camping season.

Rovr Rollr Cooler

I get tired of writing e-free names quickly, but I never get tired of singing the praises of Rovr Rollr coolers. “Multi-function cooler” usually means a bulky, over-engineered icebox loaded with features you don’t really need (Bluetooth speaker, gadget charging, air conditioning, etc.), but Rovr We’re making it a more acceptable term because the Colorado company focuses on features that help the cooler perform necessary camping tasks rather than peripherals. Roll your food and drink along with your other gear, camp on terrain-chewing pneumatic tires, and act as a food/drink prep station.

Originally launched as an 80-quart model, the Rovr Rollr cooler is now available in 60-quart or 85-quart versions

Originally launched as an 80-quart model, the Rovr Rollr cooler is now available in 60-quart or 85-quart versions

The 85-quart (80-L) Rovr Rollr is one of our favorites. This Year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Highlightsand a few days later, Rovr 60 Quart (57-L) Model Successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.The latter model cannot be purchased directly Rovr’s online store Not yet, but the 85-quart version is available for $449, or $499 when paired with a bike hitch.

Kariba stove shower

Not exactly a new gadget, but new to the U.S. and one of the most useful dual-purpose camping tools we’ve seen all year round, the Kariba Stove Shower is a South African bush ingenuity to your local campground. Brings The compact unit relies on a dual-fuel single or dual-burner base to cook and heat water for the included shower, so it’s ideal for long car camping trips or without an indoor bathroom or outdoor shower. It makes the perfect multifunctional companion for your compact camper.

Kariba Single Burner Nomad

Kariba Single Burner Nomad

Kariba’s 2-in-1 kit includes a bucket that acts as a carrying case while you’re on the move and a water bucket for your shower when you’re camping. Using a 12 V pump, the system draws in water, pushes it through the heat exchanger, and cascades it out through the shower head. When shower time replaces cooking time, simply replace the heat exchanger with a cooking grate and get to work.

Kariba system available in the US Through Equipt Expedition Outfittersthe single-burner Nomad is $520, and the dual-burner Ranger is $655.

Fusion stereo active speakers

While the market for rugged, outdoor-ready Bluetooth speakers is quite inundated, the Fusion StereoActive speakers are swarming around as a versatile solution for everything from van camping to group tent camping to active sports pursuits with music. I am pulling it out. StereoActive speakers are Toban MK5 Trailer, provides a lightweight and robust audio solution for off-road trailer campers that can be easily removed and transported miles away from the music meter or the trailer itself. IPX7 StereoActive includes not only Bluetooth, but also USB input, AM/FM radio and weather band radio (North America). Its lithium-ion battery supports up to 20 hours of playback.

Fusion's StereoActive speakers are designed to be installed in a variety of aquariums.

Fusion’s StereoActive speakers are designed to be installed in a variety of aquariums.

Outside of your camper trailer or van, the StereoActive can be secured with a pack mount to your stand-up paddleboard, kayak, hot tub, or just about anywhere you need music. The available ActiveSafe attaches underneath and acts as a base, providing an IPX7 space to safely store important belongings such as keys, cash and smartphones. Both the speaker and the ActiveSafe float, so you can easily retrieve them if they bump into your drink.

StereoActive speakers range from $250 to $300, and ActiveSafe retails for around $100.

Buy Fusion SteroActive Speakers on Amazon.

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Water Bottle/Boiler

One of the coolest gadgets from Outdoor Retailer 2017, cauldron Fyre Mobile eliminates the need for a camp stove and allows you to heat or boil water in a bottle. The 16 oz (473 ml) cooker heats liquids with a battery-powered heating element, so you don’t need a gas bottle or external heat. It can also raise water to boiling point, so you can purify water in an emergency.

Cauldryn Showcased Fyre Line at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017

Cauldryn Showcased Fyre Line at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017

Four other modes can heat contents up to 125° to 205° F (52° to 96° C), providing the perfect temperature for your beverage or food preparation. The mug’s vacuum insulation keeps your drink hot or cold. You can also use the battery to keep your contents at the exact temperature you prefer all day long. So this handy gadget is part stove, part water filter, and a versatile hot/cold beverage container. Not a bad addition to your camping cooking kit.

Fyre Mobile retails for $130 Cauldryn’s online store.

Buy Cauldryn Fyre Mobile on Amazon.

Klymit Armored V Sleeping Pad

Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep in the wild like a flat, airless inflatable sleeping pad. Sure, some people start snoring the moment they hit the floor, but it doesn’t matter if they have a sleeping pad or not. An exhausting and miserable day outdoors.

Klymit Armored V Sleeping Pad

Klymit Armored V Sleeping Pad

CLIMBS EXTENDED BEYOND inflatable clothes With roots in all kinds of inflatable camping gear, prevent restless nights with the all-new Armored V Sleeping Pad, just introduced this month. The latest addition to our extensive line of pads, Armored V takes cues from Mother Nature and uses hundreds of thousands of tough scales on the bottom to resist punctures, tears and wear. prevent.

The 2.4 lb (1.1 kg) pad is strong enough to withstand the unpredictable outdoors yet flexible enough to roll up for compact transport and storage.Assuming it helps prevent midnight surprise flatbeds, this $200 pad Any camping kit will quickly win its place.

Power Practical Sparkr Flashlight and Lighter

Flashlight multi-tools have become a staple in the camping market, but just like multi-function coolers, they can quickly get weighed down with unnecessary features and expense. Combine and keep it simple and focused.

The Power Practical Sparkr ignites with a plasma lighter.

The Power Practical Sparkr ignites with a plasma lighter.

It has a 400 lumen flashlight on one end and a windproof electric plasma lighter on the other end that can turn your crater into a glorious fire. In a cool twist, the safety cap that covers the lighter doubles as a lantern glove to diffuse the flashlight’s output in three settings, giving the compact 6.4 oz (181 g) handheld a solid list of features. Closing. A rechargeable 3,350 mAh 18650 battery provides enough power for up to 12 hours of flashlight time or hundreds of lighter ignitions.

Power Practical offers an aluminum-handled Sparkr. for $60.

Buy the Power Practical Sparkr now on Amazon.

cafrano compressor espresso maker

Beanscorp’s Cafflano Klassic pourover and Kompact immersion press portable coffee systems have won numerous awards over the years, including outdoor-specific awards from ISPO and the OutDoor Friedrichschafen show. Beanscorp introduced a go-anywhere brewing solution for espresso enthusiasts this year, making the 7.1 oz (200 g) Kompresso the lightest portable coffee maker in its lineup.

Make espresso with the Cafrano Compresso

Make espresso with the Cafrano Compresso

When it comes to making espresso, Beanscorp has opted not for basic pneumatic compression, instead relying on a piston-based hydraulic process that it says applies a much more stable pressure of 9 bar throughout the brewing process. The Kompresso hardware measures 6.7 x 3.9 inches (17 x 10 cm packaging), and its small, light, and easy-to-clean design for travel will be appreciated at camp.

Beanscorp successfully held a Kickstarter for Kompresso in June, available on Amazon for $119.99.

Buy Cafrano Compresso on Amazon.

Vssl supplies Suunto Edition survival light

we always liked the look VSSL It’s a supply survival tube, but it wasn’t until our recent partnership with Suunto that we really said “WOW!” Common compasses built into survival kits and multi-tools are utterly useless, but the Suunto expert rounds out his new VSSL offering with the KB-14 mechanical compass.

Its precision navigation components serve as the cherry on top of this particular VSSL, and the other end contains a 200-lumen LED flashlight. Between these functional end caps, a waterproof aluminum handle acts as a cache for supplies such as survival supplies, water purification tablets, waterproof matches, fire starters and first aid kits in neatly labeled cans.

VSSL Supplies Suunto Edition

VSSL Supplies Suunto Edition

VSSL Suunto Edition is Available for $143and those who already own VSSL can get the standalone Suunto KB-14 cap for $60.

Dometic CFX 100W Fridge Freezer

A cooler is the ticket to most camping trips, but if you plan to venture off the grid for weeks or months land-style, you need something that doesn’t rely on melting ice to keep your food and drinks cold. .. Dometic is one of several big name brands in the 12V freezer market and the CFX 100W is one of the most impressive to date.

This will be the largest model in the CFX range, with an 88 liter cooler. To illustrate, this is enough for 146 cans, or just over 6 cases of beer. This model’s sturdy stainless steel hinges and reinforced corners are built to withstand all types of dusty adventures. Wi-Fi capability lets you monitor and adjust settings from your familiar smartphone wherever you are.

Dometic's CFX 100W Fridge/Freezer at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017
Dometic’s CFX 100W Fridge/Freezer at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017

CC Weiss/New Atlas

It requires a 12 or 24 volt DC or 110 V power supply, so the CFX 100W is not for vehicles or unpowered campers, but it is suitable for van life, overlander and other vehicle based camping. I’m here. Adventurers, the type of people who wouldn’t hesitate to drop $1,100.

Buy the Dometic CFX 100W on Amazon.

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