Best Emergency Food Supply Products: Top Emergency Food Supply Kits & Companies

Emergency food storage can make the difference between life and death.

It’s not just about apocalyptic, end-of-world scenarios; it’s about natural disasters, social unrest, and political uncertainty.

A good emergency food supply gives you peace of mind. It’s proof you and your loved ones can survive the unexpected.

However, not all emergency food storage solutions are alike. Some are nutrient-packed powerhouses that taste great and last 25 years. Others are overpriced cans of pet food.

The Top Emergency Food Supply Companies of 2023

We want to help you find the best emergency food supply solutions for you and your loved ones. Whether looking for a few days, weeks, or months of emergency food, you can find a range of manufacturers offering similar promises.

Here’s how we ranked the best emergency food supply companies of 2023:

  • Famine Fighter
  • Roundhouse Provisions Emergency Food Supply
  • 4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit
  • My Patriot Supply Emergency Survival Food
  • Survival Frog

Famine Fighter


Famine Fighter is a freeze-dried emergency food supply sold online through The food supply is promoted by a former United States military member named Teddy Daniels.

Famine Fighter surges to the top of our list because you can pick from a 1-month to a 12-month supply of food while getting nutritionally diverse dishes for all tastes and preferences. Like other top-ranked freeze-dried emergency food on our list, Famine Fighter is easy to make: heat it, then add water.

Your Famine Fighter purchase has durable buckets for secure, long-term food storage. It’s easy to stack the buckets in any corner of your home and then relax, knowing you’ll have valuable nutrients available for any unexpected events.

What sets Famine Fighter apart, however, is its 25-year exchange policy. If you open Famine Fighter at any point within the 25-year lifespan and are disappointed by the food inside (say, if it has prematurely spoiled or tastes bad), then Teddy and his team will replace your purchase with freeze-dried emergency food of equal value.

Famine Fighter remains one of the top-ranked freeze-dried emergency food storage solutions available today for all these reasons.

Roundhouse Provisions Emergency Food Supply


Roundhouse Provisions is Chuck Norris’s emergency food supply company. The company offers emergency food supplies in 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week tub options.

One of the most impressive parts of the Roundhouse Provisions Emergency Food Supply lineup is the number of calories per day: your kit has 2,250 calories, putting it ahead of all other food kits on our list. In comparison, 4Patriots’ 4-Week Survival Food Kit contains just 1,300 calories daily.

Roundhouse Provisions has designed its food and buckets to last up to 25 years, giving you peace of mind for decades into the future. The company has also invested in its bucket design, making it easy to stack durable buckets on top of one another – no matter where you store food around your property.

Roundhouse Provisions has also made some of the best freeze-dried meals on our list. You get unique options like spicy habanero chili, creamy vegetable rice, beef-flavored fried rice, beef-flavored vegetable stew, and more. They’re hearty meals designed to give you the nutrition you need for unexpected events.

Whether preparing for natural disasters or doomsday scenarios, Roundhouse Provisions offers a perfect lineup of emergency food for superior peace of mind against the unexpected. Each tub contains 76 servings of food, or enough for one person to eat 2,250 calories daily for one week.

4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit


4Patriots, found online at, is one of the internet’s best-known survival brands. The company offers a popular 25-year survival food kit to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from unexpected situations.

According to, the company has sold over 619,000+ kits, making it one of the internet’s most popular food kits. Each food kit comes with features like:

  • Meals for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Designed to last 25+ years
  • 192 total servings (7 servings per day)
  • 36,480 total calories (1,302 calories per day)
  • Great-tasting, easy-to-prepare meals

4Patriots also backs its food kit with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And the Utah-based company offers its 4-Week Survival Food Kit for just $277, making it one of the best-value items on our list. Although the kit has fewer calories per person (1,302 calories per day, compared to 2,000 or more for competing kits), you can easily buy multiple kits or double up on rations.

Another perk of the 4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit is the bundle of bonus products you receive with your purchase. You get guides on growing a “victory garden,” for example, along with items you need to buy leading up to emergencies.

Ultimately, if you trust the famous 4Patriots brand and want a top-rated option from one of America’s most popular prepping companies, then 4Patriots’ 4-Week Survival Food Kit is an excellent choice.

My Patriot Supply Emergency Survival Food


My Patriot Supply offers a lineup of emergency survival food in pre-packaged buckets. You can buy anywhere from a 4-week to 12-month emergency food supply in various packages.

We also like My Patriot Supply because it easily customizes your food preferences. For example, you can choose a protein-rich option with 2,200 calories daily. Or, you can select a standard emergency food supply with 2,000 calories per day.

My Patriot Supply offers individual packages, emergency ration bars, solar-powered heaters, MREs, and other unique products you can order per unit. Whether you want an all-in-one emergency food supply or an individual selection of food products, you can find what you need with My Patriot Supply.

Survival Frog


Survival Frog is a long-running survival gear retailer found online at In addition to offering freeze-dried emergency food and other food storage solutions, the company provides prepping gear, survival gear, solar-powered charging systems, and other tools you may need in an emergency.

If you want to build your stash of emergency food, then Survival Frog is one of the better options available today. The company offers single cans, protein packs, mixed meat packages, and other food products you can use to create your ideal food storage system.

Survival Frog also works well if your food storage system is at home – a rotating system in your pantry to bring the oldest food to the front and continuously replace it. If you like having emergency food at home for unexpected events, for example, then Survival Frog could help.

Survival Frog offers all-in-one food storage solutions, including the popular Legacy lineup of emergency food rations. You can buy boxes of meals – including the 120-serving, 360-serving, or 720-serving buckets for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Survival Frog ships its emergency food to addresses across the United States. The company also offers 100% refunds within six months of your purchase.

How We Ranked The Best Emergency Food Supplies

All emergency food supplies claim to keep your loved ones safe and well-fed during emergencies. Some live up to that claim, while others fall short.

After hundreds of hours of research, testing, and debate among our editorial team, here’s how we separated the best emergency food supplies from the merely average ones:

Packaging Quality & Durability

Most emergency food supply companies invest significantly in packaging. Some use durable, stackable plastic buckets. Others use even heavier-duty solutions. There’s nothing wrong with plastic, as it should last long-term with no water ingress. However, some companies use cheaper material that breaks down, ruining your food before you can eat it.

Daily Calorie Intake

Some food kits seem cheaper than others but have far fewer calories per day. For example, the popular 4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit features 1,300 calories per day per person, while other food kits contain 2,000 or 2,200 calories per day. The average adult is well-fed, with 2,000 calories per day or more, and very hungry, with 1,300 calories per day or fewer, which is why we considered calories in our rankings.

20 to 25 Year Shelf Life

The best freeze-dried emergency food companies tend to offer a 20 to 25-year shelf life, making storing the food long-term for all types of unexpected events easy. There’s no reason freeze-dried food can’t last for decades, and good companies know how to preserve food long-term without artificial preservatives.

Diversity of Meals

In an emergency, you’re probably ready to eat anything. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice meal diversity. The best emergency food supplies contain breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. We not only considered the nutritional quality and flavor of meals but also their diversity.

Ease of Preparation

Most emergency food supply products are easy to make: add water, heat, and eat. However, some require additional steps, while others never seem to turn out quite right, even when following instructions. We ranked each emergency food supply based on how easy they were to make and eat.

Quality Ingredients & Nutritional Value

Freeze-dried emergency food works best when it provides vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, healthy fats, and other crucial nutrients. In an emergency, these nutrients become more important than ever. Although both were important in our rankings, we considered nutritional value ahead of taste.

Overall Taste

Some emergency meals provide excellent nutrition – but they taste awful. Others taste great but are weak in nutrients. The best strike a perfect balance between optimal nutrition and ideal taste. We taste-tested each of the emergency food supplies on our list above, with each member of our editorial team ranking meals. We compared results, and the highest-quality, best-tasting, most nutritious emergency food companies tended to float to the top.

Bonus Products, Guides, & Other Products

Some emergency food storage solutions included eBooks, physical books, storage guides, survival tips, and other accompanying information. This was one of many ranking factors we considered when compiling our rankings.

Money-back Guarantee

The top-ranked emergency food supply on our list, Famine Fighter, has an unprecedented 25-ear return policy. If you are disappointed with Famine Fighter for any reason within 25 years, you can contact the company to receive an item of equal value. It’s something we don’t see many other companies offering. Generally, the best emergency food storage companies offer one- to two-year money-back guarantees.

Pricing, Affordability, & Price Competitiveness

Some emergency food supply companies prey on vulnerable people willing to pay anything to protect their families from unexpected events. Other emergency food supply companies charge a surprisingly affordable price for their products. We considered each emergency food supply’s price and overall value on our list.

Shipping Policy

Shipping emergency food is expensive. It’s heavy and bulky. Some manufacturers pass the shipping cost onto you, while others offer free shipping on orders over $99. We liked manufacturers that bundled free shipping with larger orders, and we were wary of companies that hid enormous shipping costs until the final checkout page.

Survival Guide Rankings: Top 8 Prepping Manuals Available Today

Emergency food storage is essential.

However, you must know plenty of other things to survive the unexpected.

Fortunately, the internet is packed with guides and prepping manuals to give you the best possible chance of protecting yourself and your loved ones from all events.

We’ve read thousands of survival guides, prepping blogs, and disaster preparedness manuals. Here’s our ranking of the top 8 prepping manuals available today:

Operation Blackout

Operation Blackout is the second product on our list created by Teddy Daniels (he also launched the popular Famine Fighter emergency food supply, the #1 ranked emergency food supply on our list).

In Operation Blackout, Teddy Daniels covers an underrated area of survival and prepping: surviving a complete electronic blackout.

Teddy claims to have access to special intelligence warning the United States of a joint attack by China and Russia. The two countries would launch a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack against the United States to specifically turn off the country’s electrical grid and all electronics.

What would you do if your phone, internet, electrical devices, and all modern communication stopped working immediately? How would you protect yourself and your family? In Operation Blackout, former soldier Teddy Daniels explains the exact steps to protect yourself, including survival strategies, resource management tips, and communication methods.

Teddy claims the attack is coming soon, and smart Americans are already taking action today. In Operation Blackout, you can discover the specific steps to prepare today.

Medicinal Seed Kit

It’s possible to grow your own medicine. No, you don’t have to be an expert gardener or have any gardening experience to start developing a pharmacy in your backyard. All you need is a seed kit.

In the Medicinal Seed Kit, dozens of seeds are shown to lower inflammation, ease pain, treat wounds, and manage various illnesses and diseases. Planting these seeds in your backyard today could have a pharmacy within reach at any point.

Some of the most popular medicinal seeds include sage, oregano, bergamot, basil, catnip, echinacea, lavender, and lemon balm. In the Medicinal Seed Kit, you get a bundle of proven seeds and guides showing how to prepare them – all at a surprisingly affordable price.

You may not be able to access medicine when disaster strikes. With the Medicinal Seed Kit, you won’t need to visit a pharmacy for the necessary treatments.

No Grid Survival Projects

No Grid Survival Projects is the second guide on our list written by a former member of the military (after Operation Blackout, written by Teddy Daniels). In No Grid Survival Projects, former Canadian Armed Forces soldier Michael Major gives you no-nonsense, step-by-step instructions on creating tools, systems, and devices that could save your life during unexpected events.

Some of the survival projects you’ll learn to make in No Grid Survival Projects include:

  • How to generate your energy at home using solar panels
  • How to gather potable drinking water even when water supplies disappear
  • How to create your off-the-grid water heater
  • How to build your DIY animal traps
  • How to make your own high pulse protection Faraday cage
  • And much more

You don’t need to be handy to create these systems, nor do you need a nearby hardware store. Starting today, you can make these systems at home – often in just a few hours.

Overall, No Grid Survival Projects features an impressive collection of 70+ ingenious projects. Each project can help you stay safe against economic crises, long-term blackouts, riots, hyperinflation, social unrest, etc.

The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods

Many are surprised to discover the range of foods, medicinal herbs, and healing plants available in their backyard. After reading The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods, you’ll never look at wilderness the same way again.

Created by renowned herbalist, biologist, and survival skills instructor Dr. Nicole Apelian, PhD, The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods teaches you how to identify, prepare, and consume common natural foods across North America.

The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods highlights the following features:

  • 400+ plants in your backyard and local wilderness areas that could help you survive unexpected events
  • High-resolution photos of each plant and herb for easy identification
  • State-by-state breakdowns of plants, herbs, mushrooms, and other healing plants
  • Extensive details and guides for each plant, including preparation instructions, recipes, and medicinal properties
  • Time-tested remedies, foods, natural medicines, and other things you can create with each plant

You don’t have to be a survivalist to benefit from The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods. Dr. Apelian teaches you how to identify wild morel mushrooms, for example, that you can sell online for $50 to $200 per pound as a side hustle.

Whether curious about surviving in the backwoods, wanting to prepare for the unexpected, or simply interested in selling herbs and plants as a business, this guide is a value-packed tome available at a surprisingly affordable price.

The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies is the second entry on our list, written by Dr. Nicole Apelian, the famous herbalist and biologist. In The Lost Book of Remedies, 318 pages of healing plants, lichens, and mushrooms are growing in your backyard and wilderness areas across North America. Dr. Apelian wrote The Lost Book of Remedies with history expert and prepping personality Claude Davis.

A significant part of the book covers plants you can use for medicine. Other book features cover edible plants, including micronutrient-rich plants that could be used for sustenance. Other topics covered in The Lost Book of Remedies include:

  • How to turn a backyard weed into a powerful painkiller
  • A natural antibiotic that grows naturally in many North American backyards
  • How to create a “frontier poultice” to stop bleeding use a wooly lamb’s ear
  • The best edible trees and plants in North America, including plants you can eat in your backyard
  • Step-by-step instructions on identifying plants, preparing them, and using them as remedies

Available in digital or print format, The Lost Book of Remedies also comes with two bonus guides. One guide teaches you how to create a “SHTF Medicinal Garden” in your backyard – even if you don’t have much space. Another guide introduces you to survival medicine, including strategies you can use to heal yourself during unexpected situations.

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household was written by medical professional Dr. Maybell Nieves. The 304-page book, available in print or digital format, features dozens of natural remedies for ear infections, digestive issues, chronic diseases, and more.

The book isn’t just a collection of tips you can find for free online; instead, the book was written based on Dr. Nieves’ time as a surgeon in Venezuela. Dr. Nieves teams up with fellow Venezuelan medical professional Dr. Rodrigo Alterio and prepper Claude Davis to create a list of ways to access medical care even when you can’t access clinics or hospitals.

Maybe you live in a remote area. Perhaps you’re preparing for natural disasters and other events. With Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household, you can discover things like:

  • Treatments someone with zero medical expertise can perform in any condition
  • Medical treatment information written and approved by a head surgeon
  • Practical medical knowledge that could save your life
  • How to treat illnesses and injuries when you can’t access medical clinics, hospitals, or other modern medical facilities

When Venezuela was experiencing severe social unrest, author Dr. Maybell Nieves continued to work as head surgeon of the Unit of Breast Pathology in Venezuela (while also working as the General Surgeon at Caracas University). She could not access modern medical supplies or equipment, yet she continued to treat patients in emergency conditions effectively.

With Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household, you can discover 304 pages of tips, strategies, remedies, and solutions to solve all types of minor and major health problems – from minor skin scrapes to life-threatening conditions.

The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies

Dr. John Herzog wrote the Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies, which contains 100+ science-backed herbal remedies for common conditions – from respiratory illnesses to physical injuries and everything in between.

People with zero medical experience write many survival guides. Dr. John Herzog wrote the Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies. Dr. Herzog markets the guide as a “war chest” to protect against unexpected events.

Some of the things you’ll learn in The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies include:

  • How people with diabetes can add an herb to their coffee every morning to improve blood sugar
  • How a particular burn plant can heal wounds and burns
  • How an herb called “butterfly weed” can help treat a cough, cold, flu, pneumonia, or bronchitis
  • How to use activated charcoal to avoid food poisoning
  • How natural ingredients could help you avoid digestive issues like acid reflux, gas, and bloating

Overall, you get a collection of 100+ natural remedies for common illnesses and conditions. The information could save your life – or at least make you more comfortable – no matter what external factors are occurring.

Infected Book

Infected was written by Dr. Ralph La Guardia, a medical doctor (MD) concerned about the next global pandemic.

In Infected, Dr. La Guardia argues that global elites are already planning the next pandemic during the 2020s and beyond. Dr. La Guardia specifically warns of Bill Gates’ plan to unleash a global pandemic upon the world.

In Infected, you can discover proven strategies to fight back the next pandemic. Some of the covered topics include:

  • Seven specific things you should take daily to strengthen your immune system and fight off viruses, which Dr. La Guardia calls the “Gang of Seven.”
  • Dr. La Guardia’s personal pandemic protocol recommends staying out of the hospital during the next pandemic.
  • Evidence global elites like Bill Gates are planning the next global pandemic, including evidence the previous COVID-19 pandemic was manufactured.

Your purchase includes a bundle of bonus guides, texts, eBooks, and more to help you survive unexpected events.

Final Word on The Top Emergency Food Supply Companies of 2023

A good emergency food supply can help you survive pandemics, natural disasters, social unrest, and other unexpected events.

If the unexpected event has already begun, securing food and water is too late. It is crucial to plan to safeguard your family.

The best way to prepare is to buy the top-ranked emergency food supplies above while reading our top-rated guides. The more you prepare, the more comfortable you’ll be during unexpected events.


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