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back 4 brad is a thrilling co-op zombie shooter that takes you into an apocalyptic world filled with hordes of the undead. To survive in this hostile environment, you must work together to use your skills and abilities to defeat the zombie threat. One of his playable characters in Back 4 Blood is Hen, a skilled survivor with various powerful abilities.

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Here are some options for the best builds for Heng in Back 4 Blood, as well as recommended cards and weapons. Solo or in a group, this guide will help him maximize Heng’s potential and ensure survival in the zombie-infested world of Back 4 Blood.

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Hen’s personality

Heng in Back 4 Blood on the character selection screen

Heng, an immigrant survivor, ran a restaurant before things got worse.He vacillates between optimism and experience, with no shortage of funny one-liners about how jarring the end of the world can be. Prioritize item drops to stack odds and increase the value of items Provide additional accessories and the opportunity to retain them after use.

  1. Hen is Ability to detect hive entrances, prepper stashes, and adjacent attachments.
  2. taken damage Has a 5% chance to drop team accessories reusable accessories.
  3. He starts with pipe bombs, RPKs, and hatchets.

Heng’s best card

deck card back 4 blood interface

In Back 4 Blood, Heng is a unique character. Good at sniping enemies from a distanceHe is also an expert at using traps and explosives to impede enemy movement. Building is important. So here are the best cards for him:




If you defeat Raiden with an accessory, 15% chance of dropping accessories.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

increase in addition 10% chance of not consuming accessories while using it.

highway man

For secondary gun kills 3% chance to spawn ammunition or Molotov cocktails.

aggressive scavenger

Can sense nearby offensive accessories

Fire in the Hole!

Throwing an offensive accessory Increases temporary health by 20 and increases sprint speed by 25%. 5 seconds.


Increased fire damage by 100%. Killing them with fire restores 3 temporary health. It can sense the presence of combustible materials nearby.

shotgun skill

Increases shotgun reload speed by 40%.

buckshot bruiser

When using a shotgun, gain 0.25 temporary health for each pellet hit.

mug coupler

Increases reload speed by 50%.

buckshot bruiser

When using a shotgun, gain 0.25 temporary health for each pellet hit.


Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 seconds (up to 15% stacks).

optics enthusiast

Improve accuracy by 30%.

fit as a fiddle

Increases Team Enhanced Health by 20% and Team Health by 5.

grenade pouch

increase offensive inventory, 25% swap speed.

Munitions depot

your secondary weapon Unlimited ammo and 20% slower reload.

how to use hen

Back 4 Blood Gameplay Heng is in the room, trying to shoot down the zombies coming through the back door.

Heng is a versatile and effective survivor of Back 4 Blood, bringing a unique combination of abilities to the battlefield. If you play as Heng, you can expect to be a key player in your team’s attack. You can also support your fellow survivors while dealing heavy damage to Ridden.

One of Heng’s standout abilities is his ability. buckshot bruiserwhich Increase shotgun damage, making him a deadly force in close-range combat. he also shotgun skill on the card Further enhances shotgun abilitiesallowing him to defeat Raiden quickly and efficiently.

Heng is fit as a fiddle card for him Increased stamina and health,and Munitions depot A card that increases the amount of ammo you can carry.of grenade pouch The card is also a valuable addition to Heng’s deck, Carry and use more grenades In combat.

other cards mug coupler and optics enthusiasthelps Increase Hen weapon accuracy and reload speed, making him even more effective in combat.of Fire in the hole! and “Pyro“Cards are also useful for dealing massive damage to Ridden’s group.

Overall, playing as Heng in Back 4 Blood provides a unique and effective gameplay experience with a focus on shotgun damage and support abilities. With the right deck and strategy, Heng can be a formidable asset for any team fighting for survival in the post-apocalyptic world of Back 4 Blood.

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