Best Roof Top Tents For 2022

Anyone who has camped on the ground knows how uncomfortable it can be, but the experience is still well worth the pain. Nothing beats activating your brain’s full-disconnect mode and sleeping under the stars, far away from city lights and sounds. But what if you could do it in comfort? Luckily, there are several camping, outdoor, off-road and overlanding supply companies that offer various styles of roof top and truck bed tents for an elevated experience. 

Rough-and-rugged diehards may call traveling with a roof top or truck bed tent “glamping,” but the overlanding and camping enthusiasts who opted for the upgrade are living it up. Roof top tents are especially good for long road trips when getting a restful undisturbed sleep is most important. You’ll be safely snoozing above the nighttime creepy crawlies and protected from ever-changing ground conditions with any of the following five top-rated tents.

It’s important to note that all roof top tents, because of their weight and that of their occupants, require a sturdy roof rack (typically costing between $99-$250) installed on your vehicle or trailer’s roof. 

For our list of the best roof top tents for 2021, we specifically chose roof top tents that feature the quickest setup and breakdown procedures possible for people who want to spend less time preparing and more time enjoying nature. 

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