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Earning and using experience in giant shoulder It’s like a core gameplay loop in this very colorful roguelikePlayers can spend EXP earned from missions on two specific things: character cosmetic dyes and the Owl NPC’s skill tree.

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skill tree of giant shoulder It’s quite unique as many skills can be upgraded from 2 to 100 times, depending on the skill. Let’s take a look at which skills in particular are the best to invest in early on.

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Ten robot avoidance

It might seem silly that a skill that reduces the cooldown of the only dodge option players have by default is at the bottom of the rankings, but it makes sense. SoG is actually a game without “lock-on” combat, and players can often avoid attacks by moving in a different direction or jumping at the right time before an attack begins.

not only that, Has robot abilities It also works as a way to evade attacks, such as dashing, blinking, and gliding. So avoiding the default is important, but the standard cooldown is sufficient at the start of the game.

9 defense of the tongue

Giant's Shoulder - A projectile-eating frog with its tongue defense up

When you first read about this ability, you may not think it’s worth investing your XP. A player must have a pretty fast reaction time to be able to switch to a frog and press the dodge input to stick out his tongue and eat the bullets in time, right? After all, this game ( Most projectiles (other than Frogs) are fairly slow and require the player to aim anyway. use all frog abilities.

Of course, there are still sniper enemies that fire fairly fast bullets, but most enemies are these orb-like projectiles that fire at moderate velocities that the player can easily react to and eat in the air. Not only that, but the final upgrade to this skill will allow players to keep themselves alive in nearly any situation, as long as there are ranged units nearby that can fire shots.

8 Melee & Ranged Resistance

Giant's Shoulder - A robot and a frog surrounded by enemies with both resistance skills on top

Anyone who’s reached at least heat level 2000+ can attest that the damage an enemy initiates on each hit in this game is pretty ridiculous. One of the enemies that pounces on the player can grant half of their health with a single hit, depending on the difficulty of the planet.

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in both Melee Resistance and Ranged Resistance skills early on and make the most of them whenever possible. Again, many players want to “assume” they’re the type to dodge all attacks, but that doesn’t work in this game. ignore.And stacking on top of some advantages provided by certain GERM coresNightcore, etc., players can actually raise their resistance numbers.

7 cooldown reduction

Giant's Shoulder - A frog looking around on a new planet with a cooldown reduction skill on top

Again, this is probably another skill pick that players familiar with other roguelikes and roguelites would expect near the top of the rankings.But frankly, the default cooldown for many abilities is SoG Quite generous.

Of course, the cooldown could end early at any time, but players can have up to six abilities at once, plus melee and ranged weapon options, so it’s hard to avoid one particular ability coming back. There are different attacks that you can adapt while waiting. Up. Still, getting at least a few points early on is definitely worth it, and this skill becomes more and more important as the game progresses.

6 Ability Damage Boost

Giant's Shoulder - An example of a frog ability and a robot ability, with the ability damage skill on top

In this entry and the next, players can swap between them in their personal rankings based on whether they use abilities or prefer melee/gunfire attacks. In general, players seem to use guns and melee more than abilities. Some abilities have rough cooldowns Weapons are not.

So Ability Damage Boost (two separate skills, one for Frog’s ability and one for GERM), is right below Weapon Damage Boost in the rankings. Again, this is another issue that becomes very important as the game gets harder, so it’s worth investing in it early on in some capacity.

Five Weapon damage boost

Giant's shoulder - frog shooting and robot swing with weapon damage skill on top

Next up is the Frog Weapon Damage Boost and GERM Weapon Damage Boost, both of which (obviously) increase the damage your weapon does. and for GERM increases the damage of each melee swing.

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This is another skill whose “importance” depends on your personal playstyle, but overall: Swing/Shoot more than activating abilities.

Four better fly

Giant's Shoulder - Butterfly Eating Frog with Better Fly skill on top

Betterflies seems like a “nice” skill to invest in at first. By default, 1 butterfly can heal.

Currently, players don’t necessarily need to fully upgrade immediately, but earning at least a point or two will help them stay alive and replenish their health every time they complete a Mini-Monolith in Conquest. much easier.

3 Charge Strike & Sprint Melee Attack

Giant's Shoulder - Skill description is displayed above the image of sprint and charge attacks

To be honest, many of the charge and sprint attacks in this game aren’t amazing. However, with weapons like the Sliding Shield and Gyro His Fist, having these enabled can be very useful. Additionally, not putting experience points into these skills means that players literally have fewer attacks to choose from at once.

And as anyone who has played many roguelikes and character action games knows, it’s all about what attack options the player has at any given time to respond to the situation.

2 guardian butterfly

Giant's Shoulders - Frogs and robots with guardian butterflies up to watch over the boss spawn

Now, by far the best “unique” skill in the game (more than just basic stat buffs), the Guardian Butterfly. giant shoulder, the most commonly occurring level objective is conquest, with the player destroying 1-3 different smaller monoliths to activate (and destroy) a larger monolith. Larger Monoliths spawn hordes of basic enemies, except for Monoliths in the final stage, where bosses spawn instead. And some of these bosses can easily KO players with just a few hits. Considering that frogs are really lonely.

So entering these boss fights with less than 50% health doesn’t help at all, especially if the player has already eaten all the butterflies around the map. However, using Guardian his butterfly will instantly heal the player to full once the boss fight encounter begins, giving the player the highest chance of success. The extra level of this skill is also very useful, but from no heal he goes 100% heal, so it’s not nearly as useful.

Shoulder Giant - Example of a player who died while running with the health skill on

Finally, sadly, of course, in the most boring way, the general max HP increase skill was going to be first. Since the game is about surviving to the end of each planet to earn new rewards, skills that increase the vitality the player needs to survive are paramount. If the player is a beginner Or a gaming veteran.

And the main reason this skill is ranked #1 overall is because of the staggering amount of levels players can invest in this skill. 25 level max HP increases, most of which increase the player’s health by 70-100% with each upgrade. It is the best skill to improve survival rate. SoGno competition.

giant shoulder is available on Xbox and PC.

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