Best Starter Houses For Survival In Minecraft

When you start a new survival world in Minecraft, you may feel overwhelmed with the plethora of different things you need to do before day turns to night. Although you can certainly spend your first night inside a dirt house, a great way to boost your chances of survival is by constructing a smaller starter house, which can serve all of your early-game needs before you transition to a new home.

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Just because these starter houses may not be permanent, that does not mean that you should skimp out on decorating them fully, as there are hundreds of different tutorials online that can assist you throughout the building process. If you are curious about which of these starter homes are the best for your needs, then check out the list below.

10 Cottage Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a Cottage Survival House, made out of dark oak and spurce planks and cobblestone, sitting nicely next to a river.

Tutorial by: Ayvocado

There truly is nothing cozier that a simple cottage, and Ayvocado’s starter home truly proves this statement. Constructed with dark oak and spruce planks, this quaint cottage provides everything you need while you start out your Minecraft adventures.

Furthermore, you can add decorations, such as leaves or a false chimney, to further improve the overall aesthetic of this simplistic build.

9 Plains Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a starter house sitting in a plains biome. This small structure has a farm attached.
Dio Rods

Tutorial by: Dio Rods

If you are entering the fantastical world of Minecraft for the first time, then we recommend settling down in a plains biome. These locations offer a large amount of wild life, plenty of space for farming, and areas free of obstructions for building.

Specifically, constructing the Plains Starter House means you will have just enough space to rest your head at night, while also maintaining a large grouping of crops that can replenish your hunger bar. While this is certainly the smallest house on the list, you could easily construct this building in a singular Minecraft day to protect yourself from any monsters that may spawn at night.

8 Deep Slate Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a starter house constructed with spruce wood and deepslate cobblestone. This house is in a traditional style with two floors.

Tutorial by: Gorillo

The Deep Slate Starter House is somewhat of an updated version of the Plains Starter House, as this deep slate structure features an extra story and diorite decorations to make an appealing facade. Specifically, the Deep Slate Stater House uses the aforementioned blocks to line the roof of the home, allowing the spruce planks to seamlessly blend in with the overall structure.

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Furthermore, unlike the two previous entires on this list, this starter home features a second story. This means that you can specialize different portions of your house as you progress through the game, adding things like extra storage, a smelting area, and an enchanting room.

7 Starter Oak House

An image from Minecraft of Starter Oak House. This house is modeled after a villager house, and is made up of oak and birch wood, with a lower level for farming and enchanting.

Tutorial by: SheepGG

The Starter Oak House is perhaps the most generic starter home on the entire list, but do not mistake that as a bad thing. Modeled after the old villager homes, this multi-tiered structure is solely made out of wood and provides everything you need for your entire playthrough in a singular, small area.

Specifically, the lower level of the property is reserved for farming and enchanting, while the main level of the house contains the crafting area and your ever important bed. Overall, if you are a player that prioritizes utility and functionality, then this is definitely the starter house for you.

6 Winter Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a spuce survival house built within a snowy forest. This house uses dead plants and berries alongside the snow covered wood.

Tutorial by: KoalaBuilds

If you find yourself playing Minecraft on a warm summer night and are yearning for something just a little cooler, then you should build the Winter Starter House. This home is made solely out of spruce wood and planks, as you will find an abundance of this wood in snowy forests.

Furthermore, you can decorate the outside of the home with dead plants, or berry bushes to add a splash of color to the structure. Finally, just wait for the snow to fall, and your roof will get covered in a comforting blanket of snow.

5 Japanese Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a Japanese Survival House, which uses deep slate to make a peaked roof.

Tutorial by: Ayvocado

While most houses on this list focus on creating a completely functional structure, the Japanese Starter House aims to blend the utility of a starter home with the aesthetics of Japanese architecture. Specifically, this build utilizes deep slate stairs and slabs to create a peaked roof, which resembles Japanese temples.

However, while his design is certainly appealing, it may be quite challenging to replicate for inexperienced builders. However, we recommend you take on that challenge, as it will teach you the basic building techniques you need to generate appealing structures in the game.

4 Medieval Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a Medieval Survival House, created with dark oak and spruce planks. This house features a large tower and a small barn for a horse.

Tutorial by: Nanaroid

If you are a fan of a more traditional aesthetic, then consider constructing Nanaroid’s medieval themed home. This traditional house comes equipped with a second story, an observation tower, a small stable, and a sloped roof modeled after houses from the time period.

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Furthermore, a great starter home comes with amenities such as a farm, which you can easily construct to provide yourself with a consistent food source while also sticking with your build’s theme. Sadly, the only drawback of this build is the slight increase in difficulty, as building the roof can be somewhat tricky.

3 Blacksmith Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a Blacksmith Starter House, which is modeled after a smeltery with lots of stone and cobble.

Tutorial by: KoalaBuilds

Just because this build is modeled after a blacksmith’s workshop doesn’t mean you can’t live, work, and sleep all in the same structure. This build requires you to collect usual blocks such as spruce planks, cobblestone, and a white block such as quartz, concrete, or diorite.

The most important aspects of this build are the slanted roof and the large chimney that billows smoke out of the smeltery. Although both of these are frivolous, they will truly transform a basic survival house into a survival smeltery.

2 Cabin Starter House

An image from Minecraft of a Cabin Starter Home. This house is modeled after an A frame.

Tutorial by: Goldrobin

If you have some extra wood and time to spare, then consider building this majestic A-frame cabin. To complete this build, you will need an ample amount of spruce wood, and some cobblestone.

While the roof structure may seem intimidating, simply follow the steps that Goldrobin indicated, and you’ll have the cabin completed in no time. To boost the aesthetics of your starter house, we recommend settling down next to a lake, river, or within a spruce forest.

1 Cherry Blossom Survival House

An image from Minecraft of a Cherry Blossom Survival House. This is built within a cherry blossom biome, and is made out of spruce logs and pink cherry blossom planks.

Tutorial by: Zaypixel

Widely regarded as one of the most eye-catching biomes in the entire game, a Cherry Blossom forest is filled with pink leaves and flowers that create an idyllic paradise. These biomes are some of the greatest building locations in the game because they provide relatively flat terrain and a gorgeous backdrop.

This specific starter house is stilted, meaning you have extra space in the bottom to construct a storage area or a farm. Furthermore, instead of building a house solely out of pink planks, you can combine darker structures such as pine wood to create the aesthetically pleasing paradise you deserve.

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