Bill Gates talks regrets, work-life balance and relationships

Looking back, Bill Gates recalls his not-so-good days with Microsoft. Bloomberg / Contributor—Getty Images

philanthropist, new coronavirus countermeasures, Harbinger of Doom Founder of Ted Torks microsoftBill Gates wished he had put his feet up and relaxed a little more. In his recent talk, graduation speech To the Forestry and Engineering graduates of Northern Arizona University, 90s Generation X icon He looked kindly at his slack, but while admitting that he pushed himself and his colleagues pretty hard in the early days of the web, he outlined five things he wished he’d heard before graduating.Gates It is a famous story that he dropped out of university to go on to higher education. Many might say his Microsoft dream worked for him, even if it meant making billions of dollars.

In hindsight, especially 20/20 since becoming wealthy, it looks like Mr. Gates is being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past. The self-proclaimed most important piece of advice Gates gave his fellow engineers was to “slack yourself a little and don’t be lazy.” While acknowledging that it took him a long time to instill that lesson in himself, Mr. Gates joined many to reveal greater benefits. work and life balance.around this time, after scrape off at him $125 billion Brought fortune through his many philanthropic endeavors. alcohol has no health benefits After all, one of the world’s richest men is reassessing how much effort it took to reach the top.

“When I was your age, I didn’t believe in vacations,” Gates said in a blog post. He told the audience that when he was 22, he thought he would work at Microsoft forever. “I didn’t believe in weekends. I forced everyone around me to work long hours. I was keeping track of who was staying late.” In retrospect, he was encouraging new graduates to learn from their mistakes. “Take rest when you need it. Let people around you take it easy when they need it.”

This isn’t the first time Gates has spoken publicly about his past practices. A few weeks ago, during a meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, he for some reason answered questions generated by the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT, one of which was unbelievably the best advice I’ve ever received. It was a very basic question. Gates responded with wise words from philanthropist Warren Buffett. the importance of friendship. He said his previous intensity may have affected others in a negative way, and that his attitude was “because I had a very narrow view of how I worked, so I didn’t want to help me.” It meant that there were a lot of people who would have gotten in, but they simply didn’t fit in.” ”

As Gates’ personal life has changed, so has the rigor of his professional goals. As he got older and became his father, he explained to his recent graduates that he realized “there’s more to life than work.” In fact, the growth of Gates’ family has only fueled his desire to grow outside of work. In a December 2022 letter, he said of his daughter’s obituary: expecting a child He became even more motivated to build a future for others’ children and grandchildren.

As Gates said, slacking off might mean taking more time to look back and cherish your successes, bounce back, and build relationships. At first glance, it seems difficult to patrol the cars of company employees to come and go. “Don’t wait as long as I did to learn this lesson,” he warns foresters. After mentioning how many times new graduates have been through Tequila Sunrise, he encouraged them to do what they didn’t and “take some time and have some fun.”

Given that Gates has high hopes for the 2023 graduates, who said he believes “they will solve the climate crisis and close the gap between rich and poor,” they It might be better to relax. Hopefully they can relax along the way too.

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