Black Belt preschools use Ignite Tables to help kids with social skills

Schools across the country continue to cope with the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on children, and at the preschool level, that means dealing with behavioral problems

This week, several preschools throughout the Black Belt reopened their doors with a hopeful solution in place: the Hatch Ignite Table.

Essentially, the devices are giant, purple tablets programmed with games to teach young children communication and social skills. Every child has his or her own profile uploaded onto the table, and while up to four children gather around for a time-limited play session, the table keeps track of each student’s new skills, successes and failures. 

Later, teachers can view insight reports and utilize that information to create more tailored learning plans for students. Vice President of Hatch Learning Nate Cox called the tables “teacher time-savers,” as they allow teachers to have more time for small-group instruction and individualized learning.

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