Blair Braverman shares how ‘Naked and Afraid’ planted the seeds of the novel

Blair Braverman

There is no snow in the novel “Small Game”.

This may disappoint at least some readers familiar with the book’s author, Blair Braverman. She and her husband, Quince Her Mountain, author of The Northwoods, live near The Mountain and run her team Braver Her Mountain Her Mashing Her Racing Her Team. Much of her writing career is based on her experiences running with dog teams in northern climates.

her acclaimed memoir, “Welcome to the fucking Ice Cube” The Californian details how she fell in love with North’s ideas as a girl, learned how to live in Norway and get mud, and worked as a dog sledding tour guide on a glacier in Alaska. Braverman is also a regular contributor to Outside magazine and the New York Times, providing advice and essays on the subject of adventure and the outdoors.

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