Boston Seeks Solution to Food Delivery Double-Parking Dilemma


Boston – Boston delivery is a dilemma. With the advent of mobile ordering and all food delivery companies. Plenty of drivers park outside local restaurants.

In Boston, some drivers are double-parking and even triple-parking, resulting in huge backups. The city is now looking into this matter.

Any day of the week, a gastronomic impasse with delivery drivers is causing major headaches in Boston’s bustling neighborhood.

On Brighton Avenue in Allston, Hayley Stepno and Luis Santiago were very frustrated after being cornered by a double-parked delivery driver and unable to get out of the parking lot. “I’m hungry, I’m angry, I’m tired, I’m stuck,” Stepno said.

In Boylston, Back Bay, it’s a stacked street. For example, the driver picked up trash while the delivery van had its flashers on and he was double parked for nearly 10 minutes.

Some drivers had to drive nearly 20 minutes to find a spot.

“It’s a little insane,” said driver Lisa Duenas. “Some people stop their cars, take risks, jump out of their cars, run, do whatever they need to do, and then come back because they know they can do it quickly before someone catches them.” ”

Delivery drivers like Eduardo Etienne said he was just trying to do his job and that backup was useless.

“It’s not fair because it’s a lane where cars drive around so they don’t park,” Etienne said.

The Boston Licensing Commission is currently looking into this matter. They ask restaurant owners who are looking to open new outlets or take over old outlets about how much of their business will come from deliveries, whether to work with delivery drivers, and congestion issues. I am asking what to do.

“What impact do you think delivering from this location will have on traffic?” asked Board Chairman Kathleen Joyce at a recent meeting.

Joyce said, “We’ve had problems in other areas and in this area as well, with third-party deliveries doubling and tripling parking lots causing congestion to our neighbors. This is something we’re watching closely. There is,’ he added.

The commissioner said the Boston Department of Transportation has launched an investigation into the matter. Some ideas from people stuck in traffic are designated parking lots or lanes for delivery drivers.

They just want their plans to come to fruition sooner or later.

“I think they should do a better job and be careful where they park,” said driver Luis Santiago.

WBZ reached out to the City of Boston to find out how long the investigation would take and next steps.

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