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Brackenridge, Pennsylvania — A Brackenridge police chief was killed and another officer was injured after being shot in downtown Brackenridge on Monday.

Photo: Police presence increased after police killed and another injured in Brackenridge

The case resulted in a massive police presence as investigators searched for suspects.

Our sources have confirmed that the suspect was shot dead by police following a chase in the city of Pittsburgh.

shooting incident

Police said they first encountered Swann at a traffic stop and Swann fled.

Harrison Township Police chased Swann in a car on Monday morning, and Swann fled on foot.

At about 2:00 pm on Monday, officers encountered Swann on foot in pursuit near the Brackenridge-Tarrentum border.

The chase lasted several hours in various areas, followed by two shooting incidents. A policeman was shot in both gunshots. Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntyre has died after being shot in the head.

The surviving officer was shot in the leg and listed in stable condition.

What We Know About Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntyre

McIntyre was appointed Chief of Police in Brackenridge on January 2, 2019.

Exactly four years later, Gunfire rang out in downtown Brackenridge, killing McIntyre.

Governor-elect Josh Shapiro issued the following statement following McIntyre’s death:

What we know about the suspect

During a news briefing, Allegheny County police identified the suspect as Aaron Lamont Swann Jr. of Duquesne.

Police said Swann was from Duquesne but was known to frequent the Penn Hills area.

According to multiple sources, Channel 11 Swan was shot dead by police after being chased through the city of Pittsburgh.

This is a developing story and Channel 11 has a crew working to get more information. Please continue to visit Channel 11 News to keep us informed of the situation for continued updates.

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