Bread and 6 Other Hard-To-Find Items in Missouri

Let’s all take a deep breath. I say that because I tend to avoid those who raise my alarm. That said, I think it’s wise to pass on a prediction that bread and six other items may be hard to come by in Missouri grocery stores this summer.

This is not my prediction, nor is it my experience so far. eat this instead of that just shared 7 items you may be missing by this summer. Here are some of the big ones that most people consider important.

They provide data to support why these foods may be difficult to find.

wheat and bread

They argue that the ongoing war in Ukraine, along with winter weather that has affected the Midwest’s harvest, may be to blame. recently, We have yet to see a full-blown shortage of bread while shopping for family. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I believe it when I see it.


Higher sugar prices have been cited as one reason, which could become harder to come by by the summer as exports from abroad decline. The key word is “can” instead of “do”.

strawberry and orange

“Historically low production” is the claim for strawberries, and is why despite high demand for strawberries, supply is expected to be in short supply in the summer. It seems like a lot of Florida oranges have gone missing this year due to illness. Great news for fruit lovers!

Another item is An interesting prediction for summer shortages is mayonnaise. Egg availability and prices are cited as reasons, but we’ve seen egg availability increase while prices are dropping, so whether we should worry too much about mayonnaise. I don’t know.

of Complete list of items expected to be in short supply Interesting Reads in Missouri This Summer eat this instead of that.

Now let’s all take a breather. My advice is don’t search for food shortages on YouTube. Unless you want to see a lot of results from your prepper. While it’s always a good idea to add a few extras to your shelf for emergencies, it’s not appropriate to panic and act. I know a lot of people have good intentions, so I don’t mean to disrespect those who are preparing.

If I were you, I would be careful about the foods that are important to you when shopping. If the things you hold dear tend to become harder to find on a regular basis, it may be time to tackle organizing your pantry.

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