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Photo Courtesy NCCYHA Steelers – Youth Hockey Junior Defenseman Ryan Selley had a three-goal weekend in the Steelers’ two-game winning streak in early December.

From top to bottom, the Northern Chautauqua County Youth Hockey Association’s Dunkirk Fredonia Steelers hockey program has had impressive results at multiple levels so far this season.

At the high school varsity level, the team is 5-0-1 this year. The national team lost nine seniors last year, leaving the door open for younger players to step up this season.

“This is a team we’ve played with for most of our hockey years, and it shows great teamwork.” NCCYHA Vice President Andrew Hellwig said:

The national team is led by a dedicated coaching staff of head coach Steve Olson and assistant coaches Michael Meade, Sean Nowicki and Brian Crawford.

But success doesn’t stop at the top level of NCCYHA Steelers. The U14 Bantam Steelers currently lead the division this year with a 9-0-0, while the U12 Pee Wee Steelers also lead the division with a 9-1-0. Despite the U10 squirt division being dropped by his WNYAHL, his U10 squad for the Steelers “Barnstorming” To find other teams to play this year, “Very successful” According to Helvig.

NCCYHA Steelers senior forward Gabe Helwig recently scored two goals in an 8-5 win over the St. Francis B team.

The NCCYHA Steelers have spotlighted players at all levels throughout the season by choosing Player of the Week on the club’s Facebook page, NCCYHA Steelers – Youth Hockey.

Among the group of senior players highlighted were varsity forward Gabe Helwig, who scored twice in an 8-5 win over the St. That includes varsity defenseman Ryan Selley, who scored three points on the weekend. Early December. Also highlighted was Lucas Davidson, the junior national team goalkeeper. 14U skater Idenronski recorded two goals and two assists in his 7–2 victory over Hamburg. 12U skater Brysen his Hobie scored his first goal for the Steelers against Cazenovia on December 11, while 12U goalkeeper Brendan his Wazack recorded nine wins this season and his two goals per game. I forgave my strength.

Among the recognized young Steelers includes 10U goaltender Noah Dubois. ‘Making leaps and bounds’ Along with 10U skater Eli Williams, he has scored two assists in a recent win over Lockport since becoming a goalie. 8U skater/goalie Nicolas Manzella recently saw the game in action for the first time. Mason Pickens, 6U skater in second season “Finding myself around the pack on a daily basis” 6U Mite Ronan Brenecki, known for helping the team’s community support in The Salvation Army.

The Steelers’ annual hockey learning program begins at 11:15 am on Saturday at the Steelers’ home rink, Steel Hall Ice Arena. Registration is possible from 3 years old and above. For more information, please visit online.

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