Build a tent and learn other survival skills at Outdoor School Singapore


Can your child navigate the wilderness on his own? Teach valuable survival skills with camps and classes at Outdoor School Singapore

Have you ever taken your children camping or forest trekking? Your children don’t have many opportunities to pitch tents, climb ‘cliffs’ and traverse ‘swamps’ in their normal routine. maybe, but now can thanks to outdoor school singapore (OSS)!

OSS believes that a lot of learning takes place in the real world outside four walls of the classroom. Known for hosting day adventures and camps for children aged 4 to 9 at various schools, it allows children to discover. Natural parks and reserves in singapore. In turn, children develop environmental awareness, empathy and intelligence, and begin to become confident and responsible risk-takers.

What Children Learn at Outdoor School Singapore

OSS works with schools, parents and organizations to deliver multi-sensory experiences outside the classroom surrounded by nature. Their curriculum combines outdoor adventures (survival skills) with outdoor learning (connecting with nature).

Under the guidance of a well-trained OSS facilitator, children develop important survival skills and are actively engaged in climbing activities, building their own shelter, forest trekking, cliff climbing and more. Your child will quickly become a pro at reading knots and maps, and will learn a lot about Singapore’s vibrant flora and fauna (and the importance of protecting the environment)!

OSS Holiday Camp & Enrichment Activities

OSS offers children a wonderful opportunity to get away from screens, take a break from modern “creature comforts” like air-conditioned homes, and step into the great outdoors to burn off their pent-up energy. We offer a wide range of holiday programs to offer! Camps focus on developing outdoor risk management, survival skills and an appreciation for nature.

Your child will be immersed in a natural environment while having fun and learning essential life skills. Parents will be happy to know that Day She is provided with food and transportation for her adventures and camps. You can also choose from a variety of dates to better fit your family’s vacation schedule.

new!jungle rescue
Children go on adventures in a mystical jungle and learn about the power of nature in overcoming adversity and how to apply that same resilience to our lives. Explorers will discover nature’s healing wonders, master improvised first aid techniques, and learn risk assessment in the outdoors. Through their final day rescue operations, they develop skills that help them cope when overcoming obstacles and challenges, and think outside the box in such situations.

kampong oysters
Travel back in time as the kids are taken on an offshore adventure to Pulau Ubin! Experience the lifestyle of Singapore’s last Kampong people and explore the rich biodiversity the island has to offer. Join a child-led adventure on the final day to put your survival skills to the test.

swamp wanderer
Pass through wetlands and Singapore’s diverse wildlife! A young explorer learns to read his grid map while getting up close to the mangrove inhabitants and the flora and fauna around them.

Age group: 4 to 9 years old
when: Annual holiday program They are held during MOE’s March/June/September/November-December school holidays, and international schools’ Easter/Spring, Summer, and Winter holidays.9am-3pm or 10am-4pm
ikura: Starting at $330 (excluding GST)

Enroll your child for adventure-filled fun. Learn more about the program here!

outdoor school singapore, 229 Mountbatten Road, #01-04 Mountbatten Square, Tel: (+65) 9821 1830,,

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