Business News – Hussey Seating Company Introduces New CEO

Hussey Seating Company announced last week that Brian DeVoe will assume the role of CEO effective July 1, in addition to his current role as president. Current CEO Gary Merrill will leave the company on the same day after more than 35 years. Service of.

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According to a May 8 news release, DeVoe’s promotion to CEO is the next step in a management transition scheduled for July 2022, with Merrill remaining CEO while DeVoe becoming president. was appointed to To facilitate a smooth transition, Merrill will remain involved with the company as an advisor through the end of 2023.

“Brian has been an integral part of the Hussey Seating team since joining in 2017,” Gary Merrill said in an email. “I have tremendous respect for him and the Hussey leadership team, and I am confident they will continue to honor the Hussey family legacy as they continue to grow and manage the company for future generations.”

Prior to joining Hussey Seating Company as CFO, Deveaux was a partner and co-founder of Leaders, LLC, a Portland-based consulting firm that specializes in advising family businesses on strategic transactions. He has also served as Seabrook International’s Chief Operating Officer and has held multiple management positions in the Bath Steelworks operations.

“On behalf of the Hussey Seating Company Board of Directors, I would like to thank Gary for his outstanding leadership and contributions to the company. We are grateful for ensuring a smooth transition to Brian DeVoe,” said Laetitia Hussey Beauregard, Chairman of the Board and sixth generation family shareholder. email. “Brian has been a valued member of our management team since joining us in 2017 and I have complete confidence in his ability to build on Gary’s success and lead the company into the future.”

Merrill was elected president and CEO of Hussey Seating in 2016, and in the seven years since, the company has achieved four of its five record sales divisions. DeVoe joins Merrill as the second non-Hussey president and CEO in the family-owned company’s 188-year history.

“I am truly honored and humbled to take on the leadership role at this great company in Maine,” DeVoe said. “I would like to thank Gary for his leadership over the past seven years, during which our company and our family of 300 dedicated employees have prospered. , we are poised for a bright future and I look forward to building on his success and building on the legacy the Hussey family has handed down for 188 years.”

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