Candy startup combines sourness with global flavors


food entrepreneur AUSTIN, TX — Better Sour, a new gummy candy brand featuring globally inspired sour flavors, has raised an oversubscribed $1 million pre-seed funding round, opening March 8-11 in Anaheim, CA. It will debut at the Natural Products Expo West in New York.

The startup was founded by Bella Hughes and Semira Nikou, daughters of Iranian immigrants and childhood friends from Honolulu. Better Sour represents the cultural influence and sour taste of the pair’s heritage and upbringing on the Hawaiian Islands.

The candy will initially come in two blends. Middle Eastern-inspired stone fruit mixes include pomegranates, apricots, and plums, while Asia Pacific-themed offerings include guava, calamansi, and plums. Gummies are plant-based, free of artificial colors and flavors, and contain 3 grams of sugar and 60 calories per serving.

“We are very active in flavored sours and are excited to create space for more diverse and inclusive flavors in our favorite category of sour gummy candies,” previously said. Hughes, Head of Business Development, who co-founded Shaka Tea. Bottled beverage brand acquired by Kings Hawaiian last year.

Chief Executive Officer Nikou, who was a senior associate at a law firm in Washington state, added: We created Better Sour in response to growing interest in a brand rich in global flavors and heritage. Better Sour is candy for today’s multicultural landscape, the self-professed foodie, the adventurous, and most of all, the sour seeker.

Industry veterans Chris Robb and Michael Schall are advisors to Better Sour. Robb is the Director of Business Development at Dirty Hands, a natural food merchandising company, and previously co-founded New Barn Organics. Mr. Schall is a Los Angeles-based food and beverage consultant at B. Riley Financial and was previously Managing Director at FocalPoint Partners. Earlier in his career, he was Senior His Principal of Global Growth and Business Development at Whole Foods Market. Robb and his Schall praised Better Sour’s brand ethos and “unique” product proposition, as well as the founder’s “excellent ability to execute.”

Better Sour will primarily focus on the brick-and-mortar retail channel and will be available through Pod Foods starting in March.

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