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Welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up on January 3, 2023. In today’s article, we’ve given you a complete review of a great RPG. chain echoesThen we go into the new releases of the day. They’re a little better than yesterday’s batch, but they’re still no e-shop all-stars. let’s start!

Reviews and miniviews

Chained Echo ($24.99)

Last month I was completely immersed in RPGs, chain echoes on the backburner.I mean, it was dragon quest When Final Fantasy. After playing chain echoes All the way to the end, I realized my stupidity. It took me a while to boil it down, but I’m finally ready to write this review. chain echoes Incredible. Absolutely unbelievable. I’ve played a lot of indie RPGs that pay homage to the 16-bit era. some very good. Some are not so good. But even the good ones, the overwhelming majority feel like homages.

chain echoes I don’t think it’s an homage. Sure, it obviously loves those classic games. Never stick your elbow into your side, and when you wink for the camera, wink for yourself. I’m not saying this game could have been made a long time ago, but I don’t think it’s trying to do anything like that anyway. is.

I think that’s one of the good points. chain echoes It’s in the design of that world. It is set in a continent that, until very recently, has seen her three nations in a state of constant war. It ended when a massive blast of magical energy caused massive damage and killed tens of thousands of people. Unknowingly, they make peace to avoid being the next victim of such an attack. The problem is that so many people still want a fight that almost everyone realizes that this peace is temporary. standing with a smile like

We are introduced to one main character at a time, but it doesn’t take long before things all come together. At the center of the group is Glenn, and the Glenn we know caused the explosion that caused such devastation. I’m obsessed with trying to make things right the only way I can think of.

gameplay too chain echoesOverall orthodox, with the kind of exploration and turn-based combat system you’d expect from a JRPG-style game. That said, you can find some nice secrets and thanks to how beautiful the locations are, the exploration is fun and the combat system is anything but mediocre.The main gimmick is the Overdrive system. All your actions move you in some direction on a meter with yellow, green and red segments. Being green is good because it buffs you. It’s bad because it debuffs when it turns red. Being yellow is boring. it does nothing. Most things you do move you to green and then red. However, you can cool things down by taking certain actions. Juggling things to stay on the green keeps you on your toes and makes every fight interesting.

You can get a mech suit later, because things can always get nicer. The game also does things like hit points and magic points are restored at the end of each battle, encouraging you to go all out and really use your skills. , has performed well compared to other games in the genre, and has some good ideas that work pretty well. Of course, there is one more thing that helps the combat system.

There is no real reason to grind in this game. The leveling system is unique and powers up at set plot points. You are given points that can be used to unlock abilities, and those abilities also provide stat boosts. there is no. Everything is very well thought out and carefully designed to work in a wide variety of encounters. If you hit a wall, the answer is no grind. It’s about rethinking your approach, and it’s always a profitable strategy.

chain echoes I was really surprised by the quality. I feel like I have a good sense of what to expect from these indie JRPG-style games that date back to the 1990s, both low and high. chain echoes It exceeds the ceiling of these expectations and is one of the best RPGs I’ve played in 2022. With an engaging world, fun characters, unique and fun mechanics, and an excellent presentation, this is a winner from top to bottom.

SwitchArcade Score: 5/5

new release

Heroish ($19.99)

Apple Arcade’s Castle Defense game is coming to Switch with this port. The game uses cards and adds a trendy deck-building mechanic. Play alone or enjoy multiplayer action online with up to 4 players. As usual in cases like this, you have to vaguely gesture in the direction of Apple Arcade, which offers four months’ worth of service for the price of this Switch version. But if you want a version that doesn’t require monthly payments and is likely to last, this is it.

Guntech 2 ($14.99)

this is a twin stick shooter asteroidYour ship’s -style thrust mechanics. Never mind his second thing in the title.this is kind of Afterburner Ⅱ A situation where the original game has been updated to the extent that it gets a number in the title. Up to 4 players can join via local multiplayer for couch co-op, but I haven’t had a chance to test that part yet. . I will be reviewing this in the near future.

Crystal ($1.50)

A few weeks ago, a very low-cost platformer cry was released on the e-shop. Here’s another one by the same developer, with a more or less similar setup. Earn crystals in over 120 stages. Play alone or with friends in split-screen multiplayer with up to 4 players. Yes, you can play around with each other. Yes you have to spoil each other. No, the publisher is not responsible for broken friendships. It’s $50.

12 Labors of Hercules VI: Race of Olympus ($7.99)

Do you think they’ll finally release 12 of these? That would be neat, wouldn’t it? Anyway, it’s the 6th race. It’s pretty much like every other game, just with a new story and 50 new stages. There are also some additional challenges and bonus levels to dive into if you’re that inclined.

Pixel Boy – Lost in the Castle ($11.99)

This puzzle game Sokoban When CHIP CHALLENGEIn each of the game’s 96 levels, you’ll be tasked with pushing a red crate onto a designated target before making your way to the exit portal. You earn crowns by clearing stages, and if you get completely stuck, you can use those crowns to skip stages. It doesn’t look like much, but if you like the games we mentioned earlier, you’ll have plenty of time here. Best of all, you can get it at a massive discount that you can get right now.

Animal Golf – Battle Race ($7.99)

More action-packed golf than usual, supporting up to four players via local multiplayer. Choose your favorite animal and head out to quirky courses to play a very rare kind of golf game. There are plenty of golf games on Switch, and this is another one.


(North American eShop, US prices)

This is a list of new products for sale today. Unless you’re somehow ignoring my recommendations, I don’t feel particularly strongly about any of them. mail mall It used to be, but today it feels more acceptable.The latest deals from Ubisoft and Jupiter’s in your outbox picross The line has ended. The former will have another sale soon. The latter may not return for some time.

Select new games on sale

Milky Way Prince Vampire Star (1/7 from $8.99 to $14.99)
Rainbow toilet and unicorn ($6.99 to $2.09 until 1/7)
Landflix Odyssey ($6.99 to $2.09 until 1/7)
hyper gun sports (1/10 from $22.49 to $24.99)
warhammer 40k mechanics ($39.99 to $9.99 until 1/23)
Project Highrise AE ($39.99 to $7.99 until 1/23)
binary ($12.99 to $2.59 until 1/23)
filament ($16.99 to $5.09 until 1/23)
Commandos 3 HD Remastered ($29.99 to $26.99 until 1/23)
Mail Mole + Xpress Delivery ($14.99 to $7.49 until 1/23)

Sale ends tomorrow, January 4th (Wednesday)

aquarist ($9.99 to $4.99 until 1/4)
art school deluxe (1/4 from $1.99 to $13.99)
Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection (1/4 from $19.99 to $39.99)
Assassin’s Creed Rebel Collection (1/4 from $14.79 to $39.99)
balloon flight ($5.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
behold kickman ($3.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Broken Universe: Tower Defense ($9.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Captain Velvet Meteor (1/4 from $12.49 to $24.99)
Detective Di: Silk Rose Murders ($12.99 to $2.85 until 1/4)
family feud (1/4 from $9.89 to $29.99)
farm manager 2022 ($15.99 to $4.79 until 1/4)
Flogen ($3.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Gem Wizard Tactics (1/4 from $1.99 to $12.99)
god like burger (1/4 from $9.99 to $19.99)
gum+ ($7.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)

gunslinger and zombie ($8.99 to $2.69 until 1/4)
midday revolver ($2.99 ​​to $1.99 until 1/4)
Immortals Phoenix Rising (1/4 from $14.99 to $59.99)
Inukali deluxe edition ($7.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Danger! (1/4 from $7.99 to $19.99)
just dance 2023 ultimate ($84.99 to $50.99 until 1/4)
Kemono Friends Picross ($9.99 to $7.99 until 1/4)
Clockwork God’s Lair (1/4 from $3.99 to $19.99)
legendary fishing ($29.99 to $4.49 until 1/4)
Lost Dreams: Memories ($4.99 to $2.49 until 1/4)
Mad Experiment Escape Room ($9.99 to $4.99 until 1/4)
magma (From $1.99 to $2.49 to 1/4)
Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope ($59.99 to $44.99 until 1/4)
mind scanner (1/4 from $8.49 to $16.99)
moonlight ($3.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)

Mr. Prepper (1/4 from $4.64 to $15.49)
nirvana deluxe edition ($7.49 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Nova-111 ($9.99 to $4.49 until 1/4)
OMG Police Car Chase TV Sim ($4.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Picross Road of Nazarick ($9.99 to $7.99 until 1/4)
Picross S Genesis & MS ($9.99 to $7.99 until 1/4)
Picross S7 ($9.99 to $7.99 until 1/4)
pink explorer ($4.99 to $2.49 until 1/4)
Rabbids: Party of Legends (1/4 from $19.99 to $39.99)
lucky ($9.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Rogue Star Rescue (1/4 from $9.89 to $14.99)
rolling car ($7.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
Scott Pilgrim vs The World ($14.99 to $4.94 until 1/4)
space raider in space (1/4 from $1.99 to $12.99)
Starlink Battle for Atlas (1/4 from $11.99 to $59.99)

super funky bowling ($2.99 ​​until 1/4 $2.00)
Tangle Tower ($19.99 to $4.99 until 1/4)
Solitaire conspiracy ($11.99 to $2.39 until 1/4)
vampire ($4.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
thomas was alone ($9.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)
trivial chase live 2 (1/4 from $9.99 to $19.99)
wheel of fortune (1/4 from $7.99 to $19.99)
struggling ($9.99 to $1.99 until 1/4)

Today is up to here. We’ll be back tomorrow with more new releases, more sales, potentially more news, and possibly reviews… maybe. Let’s see. Better sign off now before your energy drinks run out.Have a great Tuesday. As always, thank you for reading.


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