China Covid News LIVE update: New Zealand says Chinese travelers not required to show COVID-19 test upon arrival

Covid News Live Updates: The New Zealand government said Wednesday it would not require travelers from China to submit negative COVID-19 test results, with many countries taking such steps as cases surge in China. It went against the trend of taking

New Zealand’s COVID-19 minister, Ayesha Verrall, said in a statement that a public health risk assessment had concluded that visitors from China would not contribute significantly to the number of cases in the country.

“The public health risk to New Zealand is minimal,” she said.

Many countries, including the UK, US and Australia, are requiring travelers from China to make negative COVID-19 tests over concerns about the scale of the country’s outbreak and skepticism about Beijing’s health data. . Chinese state media have criticized the move as discriminatory.

Infections in China surged after the country lifted its strict zero-case policy on December 7, allowing the virus to spread.

All foreigners entering New Zealand are being asked to be tested for symptoms, and the country offers free testing at airports.

Authorities plan to ask travelers from China to undergo voluntary testing to gather more information, Veral said, alongside World Health Organization concerns about China’s lack of information sharing. said it reflected New Zealand’s concerns.

New Zealand also plans to test wastewater on international flights to see if this can replace targeted and voluntary testing of individuals.

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Covid News: Covid-stricken China suspends huge chip investment aimed at countering US

According to a Bloomberg report, China has suspended large-scale investments aimed at building a chip industry to compete with the United States.

Covid News: Chinese Man Missing From South Korea’s COVID-19 Quarantine

The unidentified person was placed on the wanted list. If convicted of violating the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act, they could face up to a year in prison or a fine of 10 million won ($7,840). On Tuesday, South Korea announced mandatory coronavirus testing for Chinese immigrants, imposing restrictions amid concerns over a wave of infections after Beijing decided to lift its strict zero-COVID policy. Added to the list of countries where

Covid News: South Korea seeks missing Chinese from COVID-19 quarantine

South Korean authorities on Wednesday are trying to track down a Chinese national who tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival but went missing while waiting at a quarantine facility. He was transported to the United States but has since gone missing, health officials said.

Covid news: China urges ‘final victory’ over COVID

China has reported a small number of COVID deaths since its U-turn in policy, about a disease it previously struggled to eradicate through massive lockdowns even as the rest of the world opened up. The People’s Daily, a spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party, said in an editorial that “China and the Chinese people will surely achieve the final victory over the epidemic,” after historic protests late last year. He refuted criticism of China’s tough anti-virus regime that caused the outbreak.

Covid News: New Zealand will not require Chinese arrivals to present COVID-19 tests

The New Zealand government on Wednesday said it would not require travelers from China to provide negative COVID-19 tests, bucking the trend of many countries taking such steps as cases surge in China. New Zealand’s COVID-19 minister, Ayesha Verrall, said in a statement that a public health risk assessment had concluded that visitors from China would not contribute significantly to the number of cases in the country.

“The public health risk to New Zealand is minimal,” she said.

Covid News: Prime Minister Park orders immediate Covid vaccination for children aged 5 to 12

Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif reportedly instructed relevant authorities on Tuesday to urgently ensure that children aged 5 to 12 are vaccinated. The prime minister, who chaired a meeting to review the country’s Covid 19 situation, instructed: During the meeting, the Prime Minister was briefed on the current COVID situation, new variants, ongoing efforts and vaccination status.

Some countries have no scientific basis to restrict entry from China, and some excessive practices are even more unacceptable.

– Mao Ning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, China

Covid Live: China’s covid death toll rises to 5,258 as of Jan 3 vs 5,253 the day before

Covid LIVE: China reports 5 new covid deaths on mainland 3 days ago vs 3 January

Covid News Live: 5 cases of XBB.1.5 variant of Covid found in India: INSACOG

According to data from the SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium of India (INSACOG), five cases of the XBB.1.5 variant of COVID-19 that caused an increase in cases in the United States have been found in India. According to INSACOG figures on Tuesday, one each was found in Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

Covid Cases: Mumbai reports 3 new COVID-19 cases, zero deaths

Mumbai reported three new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, but no new deaths linked to the infection were recorded in the big city, local civil society groups said. This raised the number of COVID-19 cases to 11,55,133 for him overall, while the number of deaths remained unchanged for him at 19,746.

Covid cases: Delhi reports just 7 new COVID cases in last 24 hours

The capital recorded fewer than 10 COVID cases for the second day in a row, with seven new infections, according to the Delhi Health Department on Tuesday.This brings the number of active cases in the city to 34. Case positive rate within Five COVID patients recovered from the disease in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of recoveries to 19,80,689.No patients died during this period.The death toll was 26,521 However, 3,366 COVID samples were taken in the last 24 hours.

Covid Live: Maharashtra reports 22 new coronavirus cases

Maharashtra recorded 22 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, bringing the overall tally to 81,36,709, but the state registered no new deaths linked to the infection, the health ministry said. said.

Chhattisgarh has recorded one coronavirus case but no new deaths. Active Tally 10

Chhattisgarh reported one COVID-19 case on Tuesday with a positivity rate of 0.06%, bringing the overall tally to 11,77,759, but no new deaths linked to the infection were recorded in the state. Officials said no.

WHO seeks details of Chinese variant

International organizations invited scientists to present detailed data on virus sequencing at a Technical Advisory Group meeting on Tuesday and called on China to share data on hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations, the WHO said later. So, presumably at Wednesday’s news briefing, the spokesperson said after the meeting. A spokeswoman said earlier that the agency expects an “in-depth discussion” of the variants circulating in China and around the world.

Australia defends Covid tests for arrivals from China

The Australian government on Wednesday dismissed its chief medical officer and criticized Beijing’s lack of transparency on Covid-19 after stepping up testing of travelers from China. Paul Kelly, Australia’s chief medical officer advised the government against the requirement, writing in a government briefing that it lacked “sufficient public health evidence.” He said he was acting “with the utmost care.”

Covid news: Most EU countries support COVID pre-departure testing for flights from China

Most countries in the European Union are in favor of introducing pre-departure COVID tests for travelers from China, the European Commission said on Tuesday. This is because Beijing plans to lift travel restrictions for its citizens despite a wave of COVID infections. I agree,” he said.

‘Science-based’ Covid test for Chinese travelers: US

The United States said on Tuesday that Covid testing requirements for travelers from China are science-based and due to Beijing’s lack of transparency over the surge in cases.

China on Tuesday condemned measures taken by many countries on travelers as ‘unacceptable’, requiring air passengers aged 2 and older to show negative Covid tests when entering the US Announced two days ago.


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