China declares Covid-19 pandemic over after ‘miraculous’ withdrawal from zero Covid policy


China declaring victory COVID-19 the pandemic is Ended After the previous “miracle” exit Zero Covid policy.

Liang Wannian, head of the National Health Commission’s Covid-19 expert response team, commented on the revelation.

“From a global perspective, although the pandemic still exists and the harm of the disease still exists, we can say that our country has achieved a major and decisive victory in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“As a country with a large population, we have set a good example of successfully coming out of a pandemic.”

according to South China Morning Post, His remarks came a week after the Politburo Standing Committee declared the pandemic over, with members of the meeting labeling the move to live with the virus a “miracle.”

“The dominance of China’s political system, the power of its people, and its professional public health system are among the factors that have ‘played a decisive role’ in winning the fight against this disease. ”

Health officials declared victory after measuring the population’s immunity levels, virus mutation, infection rates, prevention and response mechanisms, and the resilience of China’s healthcare system.

After nearly three years of living under strict anti-pandemic, or zero-Covid, policies, the country is reportedly returning to its pre-Covid normal life.

During the stringent restrictions, residents had to undergo massive inspections, blockades and border controls, and quarantines, which sparked public outrage and an economic downturn.

Liang warned that even though the pandemic is gone, the country still has a “sporadic and localized” pattern of transmission. He then warned the public to remain vigilant against virus mutations.

According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 20,000 people were hospitalized as of February 16, and 98 people had died from the virus in the previous week.

Yang Feng, director of surveillance at the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said the surveillance channel was further expanded and multiple subsystems were set up.

These systems include case reports, hospitals, sewage tracing, fever clinics, and case clusters at major institutions.

“A multi-channel monitoring system that considers normal and emergency situations, inbound and local [cases], urban and rural areas, the general population and major population groups were formed first. ”

China CDC researcher Chang Zhaorui pointed out that overall public immunity levels are relatively high, meaning there is a low risk of large cluster outbreaks.

China declares Covid-19 pandemic over after 'miraculous' withdrawal from zero Covid policy | News by Tiger

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