Christmas whiskey gift guide for men who love whiskey


If you’ve seen our past whiskey guides, you’ll notice that we tell a lot of fancy wine stories, beware of the tasting nonsense, and that they’re purely subjective and often disappointing to the drinker. Skip the BS and jump to what you want, some of this year’s latest whiskey selections….

From Texas to Islay, we take you around the world and share our favorite whiskeys, scotches, and whiskey-related gifts. We’ll also share some that just hit the market last year.

Garrison Brothers Small Batch

A few years ago, we featured another bottle of Garrison Brothers in one of our past whiskey guides, and it quickly became one of our new favorite whiskeys. 100% Made in Texas. They grind their own grain, cook, distill, barrel and bottle the finest sweet mash (food grade #1 corn, soft red winter wheat from local farms, double row barley).

The Garrison Brothers Small Batch Barrel Bourbon retails for approximately $79.99.

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye has one of the coolest stories we’ve covered this year. Named after the unnamed tailor, spy, and hero of the American Revolution who changed history and ensured freedom for all, Hercules Mulligan was one of the first settlers to join Sons of Liberty.

A friend of the Founding Fathers, Hercules Mulligan was an Irish-American tailor and spy during the American Revolutionary War. He got a British officer drunk during his measurements and relayed the information to the Continental Army.

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye is based on a unique recipe of the time: Rum, Rye Whiskey, Ginger & Bitters.

bespoke rye whiskey

For those science nerds, Bespoke spirits They say they use “proprietary ACTivation technology” to give their products even more flavor. You don’t put spirit in a barrel, you put a barrel in spirit.

We enjoyed it clean and old fashioned.

smoked head scotch

We’re big fans of just about everything Islay, so when looking for a peated powerhouse this year, we instantly fell in love with Smokehead! Our top picks were the original and high voltage, which were incredibly smooth for scotch coming in at 58% VOL.

Ogden’s Own Porters Whiskey

I don’t usually make a lot of flavored whiskeys, but Porters (flavored) whiskeys are great for parties and those who want something a little different.Distilled from a Utah-Canadian blend whiskey There are various flavors, and it’s a perfect whiskey for the holidays!

Whiskey Rebellion Shirt

Whiskey Rebellion Shirt

we love whiskey I also love the history of whiskey. His one of our favorite eras in whiskey history is the Whiskey Rebellion, when farmers and distilleries in western Pennsylvania tried to start another American revolution over a sales tax on whiskey.

This shirt celebrates the spirit of the American whiskey drinker. liberty shirt.

high camp flask

We love the outdoors and we love whiskey, so our two favorite products of the year are: high camp flask.

The Firelight 750 Flask is the perfect 3-piece bar set for your fishing or camping trips. It’s sturdy, vacuum insulated, and fits a fifth of your favorite whiskey.

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. High Camp Flasks calls their highball shaker the swiss army knife of cocktail shakers. It is vacuum insulated and can be used as a cocktail shaker, highball tumbler or even a single beer cooler for 12 and 16 oz beer cans.

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