City of Toledo | City of Toledo Invites Food Truck Vendors to Celebrate Event…

The City of Toledo is excited to announce the “419 Fireworks” scheduled for July 1st. In connection with this highly anticipated event, the city is inviting food truck vendors to apply to participate in this festive occasion. All food trucks interested in participating should valid registration sticker Originally from Toledo. Food trucks are coming to Summit Street this year.

The kitchen car stall will be a lottery. The application deadline for kitchen cars is June 1 (Thursday), and the lottery results will be announced by the mayor’s office on June 2.

Food truck vendors are encouraged to enter the drawing by submitting their details below. Please include the food truck name, contact person’s name, phone number, email address, and type of food served.

The event is expected to draw large crowds, and participating as a food truck vendor is a unique opportunity to showcase your culinary talents and delight attendees with your gastronomic creations. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this amazing event!


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