City-sim Settlement Survival builds for mobile release date


Riding the real estate ladder is hard today, so running a village is a fantasy most people can’t achieve.Unless your name is Richard Branson or something. Well, get ready to live instead and take care of the tiny village of your dreams on your mobile device. Settlement Survival release date rapidly approaching.

Settlement Survival from developer Gleamer Studio is a low-poly city-building game inspired by games like Banished, featuring challenging procedurally generated gameplay. Shape the terrain, build your village, take care of your supplies, and keep all your residents happy and safe. Settlement Survival gives players a lot of creative freedom so they can manage their own village however they want. Personally, I will remake all of Pokemon Red and Blue Town.

Settlement Survival sets up camp on iOS and Android devices on March 9, 2023. Pricing is $4.99 with launch discount. Mobile port has Original Steam releasebut now fits in your pocket.

When is Settlement Survival’s release date?

Settlement Survival will be released on mobile devices on March 9, 2023.

Settlement Survival Release Date: Top-down view shows city builder simulator with many different buildings

Will there be a Settlement Survival mobile trailer?

Yes, you can get a glimpse of Settlement Survival’s mobile port in the launch trailer below.

youtube thumbnail

That’s it for now, but if you can’t wait to build, check out our best guides. games like minecraft Then switch and mobile.

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