Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapies Global Market Report 2023


new york, February 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading players in the current coronavirus (COVID-19) therapeutics market are Moderna Therapeutics, Novavax, Bravovax, Ascletis Pharma, Altimmune, Clover Biopharmaceuticals, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Biocryst Pharma, Gilead Sciences, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

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The current treatment market for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world is $28.16 billion in 2021 $16.43 billion The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in 2022 is -41.7%.of RussiaUkraine War has hampered any chances of the global economy recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, at least in the short term. War between the two countries has led to economic sanctions on multiple countries, skyrocketing commodity prices, disruptions to supply chains, and inflation of goods and services affecting many markets around the world. The current therapeutic market for coronavirus (COVID-19) is $1.57 billion The CAGR in 2026 is -44.4%.

The current therapeutic market for coronavirus (COVID-19) includes revenue generated by entities with tocilizumab, favipiravir, and ivermectin. Market Value includes the value of related goods sold by the Service Provider or included in the Service Offering.

Includes only goods and services transacted between entities or sold to end consumers.

Current treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19) are created and used to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in people who are at high risk of experiencing significant illness as a result of COVID-19 refers to drugs.

North America is the largest region in the 2022 coronavirus (COVID-19) current treatment market. Middle East is expected to be the fastest growing region during the forecast period.

Regions covered in the Current Treatment Market Report for Coronavirus (COVID-19) are: Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, south america, middle east and Africa.

The main types of current therapeutic agents for coronavirus (COVID-19) are redelivery, hydroxychloroquine, ritonavir, lopinavir, and interferon beta. infected cells.

It was first used to fight the Ebola virus. It can be administered by a variety of routes, including orally and intravenously.

Various sectors include hospitals, clinics and research institutes. others.

The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has contributed to the growth of the coronavirus (COVID-19) current treatment market. March 11, 2020the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a global pandemic.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 10,719,946 cases of COVID-19 and 517,337 deaths have been reported to WHO. July 3, 2020and this number is expected to grow quickly.With no drugs officially approved against COVID-19, the demand for repurposed drugs used in corona treatment has increased significantly.

Countries around the world are facing drug shortages, and drug manufacturers are ramping up production to meet global demand. The Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP) is a special emergency program initiated by the FDA to develop potential COVID-19 treatments to make them available to patients as soon as possible.

High costs associated with research and development of therapeutics and vaccines and long waiting times required for each phase of clinical trials are expected to limit the growth of the current treatment market for coronavirus (COVID-19). According to a recent study published in the Journal of Health Economics by the Tufts Center for Drug Development and Research, $2.6 billion After developing and gaining marketing approval for new prescription drugs, 7 out of 8 pipeline drugs fail in the development process. Additionally, the time required for each phase of the clinical trials and drug approval process takes an average of 12 years for an experimental drug to reach the market. The current therapeutic market for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is expected to be hampered by high drug development costs and long waiting times.

Convalescent plasma therapy is used as an experimental therapy to treat COVID-19 patients. Plasma from patients who have recovered from illness is called convalescent plasma (CP).

Convalescent plasma (CP) therapy is a type of passive antibody therapy that suppresses pathogenicity and improves clinical symptoms by separating plasma from patients who have recovered from the target disease and administering it to severely ill patients. Her COVID-19 patients who have recovered have antibodies to fight COVID-19 infection.

Convalescent plasma therapy is recommended as an investigational drug in public health emergencies, according to guidance issued by the FDA. April 30, 2020Approximately 2,004 participating sites complying with a single extended access protocol by the US FDA were enrolled, and approximately 7,774 patients were enrolled, of whom 3,809 received convalescent plasma transfusions.

Experimental convalescent plasma therapy may attract more attention if sufficient data support the results.

of March 2020Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals planned to begin a clinical trial of the rheumatoid arthritis drug kevzara (sarilumab) to treat symptoms of COVID-19.

The drug is part of an ongoing antibody partnership between Sanofi and Regeneron.

IL-6 may play a role in promoting an exaggerated inflammatory response in the lungs of patients severely or critically ill with COVID-19. Following an Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) review of all available Phase 2 and Phase 3 data, the clinical trial was immediately revised to ensure that only critically ill patients continue to receive Kevzara 400 mg. Registered.

Countries covered in the Current Treatment Market Report for Coronavirus (COVID-19) are: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, KoreaEngland, united states of america.

Market value is defined as revenue earned by a business through sales, grants, or donations from goods and/or services sold within a particular market and territory (in United States dollars ($) unless otherwise specified). ).

Revenue for a given region is the amount spent. In other words, revenue is the revenue generated by an organization in a particular region within a particular market, regardless of where it was produced. Revenue from resale further down the supply chain or as part of other products is not included.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapeutics Market research report presents the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapeutics industry global market size, regional share, and competitors with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapeutics market share. Other companies, in-depth Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapies market segments, market trends and opportunities, and other data industry needed for success in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapies. This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Therapies Market research report offers a complete outlook of everything you need with an in-depth analysis of the current and future scenarios of the industry.

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