Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Survival Mode With Food, Water And Rest Management


Make your next Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough more challenging with this survival mode mod.

Cyberpunk 2077 We’ve come a long way through numerous updates and hotfixes, but we’re still missing a way to justify another playthrough. Different endings can be obtained by simply picking up from any save before the return point. But now, fans may have given us the perfect reason to go to Night City once again.

survival system Nexus Mods user Di Crash adds a new difficulty level to Cyberpunk 2077 with hunger, thirst, and an energy meter. Failure to keep V healthy accumulates negative status effects such as health regeneration, jump height, item capacity, and reduced stamina.

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As you can see on the mod page, Di Crash’s survival mode also adds a new UI to help keep track of all of V’s needs. We’ve also rebalanced the game’s eating and drinking system, including increasing the cost of certain items. This can be frustrating, but it makes a lot of sense – the game wasn’t made with you having to consume food or drink.

A modified Cyberpunk 2077 screen displaying hunger, thirst, and energy meters. Players decide how long they sleep.
sauce: Day Crush Via Nexus Mods

The mod was only shared two days ago and has already amassed nearly 700 downloads and many positive replies. Might not be the only survival mode out therebut seems to stand out because of the way it overhauls all consumables, giving them different status effects than those found in the base game. Be mindful of how often you accept drinks at the bar as it can reduce accuracy.

More updates are planned, but even in its current state mods seem to be a great way to give more challenges in the next run. Hell, combine this with playing on the hardest difficulty. please. Storyline, Phantom Libertywill be available later this year.

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