Dangerous President Erdogan drags Turkey into war with Greece for political survival


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is heading his country down a dangerous path of war with Greece in a bid to win re-election ahead of the June 2023 elections. Ekrem Imamoru, Mayor of Istanbul.

The last few months have seen unprecedented rhetoric turkey It threatens to invade Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, calling into question their sovereignty, while increasing illegal overflights into Greek airspace in record numbers. This is part of a desperate pitch to domestic audiences that President Erdogan is trying to distract from a poor economy in his ruthless attempt to cling to power in 2023, his 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. is.

“Turkey’s presidential election, due to take place on June 23, is arguably the world’s most important vote of the year, and by no means the fairest. Asia and the Middle East are both authoritarian and expansionist powers. or choose a more liberal and pluralist path, or continue to rush down that path.” Paul Taylor for Politico.

“Meanwhile, the Turkish president also threaten to attack NATO allies Greece Amid a hoaxed controversy over gas drilling, Cyprus and the alleged “militarization” of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea – the international economic and political costs of such action are highly unlikely.

“In two decades, Erdogan has gone from a policy of ‘zero problems with neighbors’ to starting or latent conflicts with Syria, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Armenia. Partly because the failure of the Turkish-backed Arab Spring uprising forced him to adjust his foreign policy, but partly because he sought to strengthen an economy that had been gutted by his reckless policy of keeping interest rates low. And there is also a reason that they are hungry for Western capital. rate. “

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