Death toll surpasses 50,000 after earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.earthquake news


Nearly 240,000 rescue workers continue to work in the earthquake-hit provinces of Turkey, but no survivors have been found recently.

number of people killed in the earthquake hit Turkey and Syria The latest figures for both countries surpassed 50,000 earlier this month.

In Turkey alone, 44,218 people have died as a result of the earthquake, the country’s Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD) said on Friday, while the latest death toll announced in Syria was 5,914.

The first quake to hit southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6 had a magnitude of 7.7, followed shortly after by a second quake of magnitude 7.6. The area has seen more than 9,000 aftershocks since then, according to AFAD.

About 240,000 rescue workers, including volunteers, continue to work in Turkey’s 11 earthquake-hit provinces. Some of the areas affected by the earthquake were initially difficult to access, but recovery efforts are continuing, with casualties rising as they progress.

There have been no reports of survivors being rescued in recent days.

In Turkey alone, about 530,000 people have fled the affected areas, and the Turkish government estimates that 173,000 buildings have so far been destroyed or severely damaged, with more than 1.9 million damaged. says. people evacuating In temporary shelters, hotels and public facilities.

About 20 million people were affected by the earthquake in Turkey, and the United Nations estimates that 8.8 million people were affected in Syria. Not much is being learned from Syria, where many people are already living in precarious conditions after years of civil war.

many the survivors are gone Parts of southern Turkey hit by the earthquake have settled in tents, container houses and other government-backed accommodation.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to rebuild the homes within a year, but experts say authorities should prioritize safety over speed.

some buildings intended to withstand shaking collapsed in the recent earthquake.

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