Denmark: Lifelong Learning Strategy: Improving Education and Lifelong Skills for All, 2007

Main goals and measures

This strategy includes the following specific goals and commitments across all levels of the education system:

  • Preschool: A language assessment for all children.Introduction of subject-based education in Danish
  • Compulsory school: A culture of assessment through the conduct of national exams. Creation of individual student learning plans. Clarification of municipal responsibilities.Continuing education for teachers and school administrators
  • General and specialized upper secondary education: Better instruction and improved educational delivery for learners with special needs. Improved learning environment. Increased practical training opportunities. A more flexible route.Evaluation of pre-learning
  • higher education: Development of new professional and practical educational programs. Shorter higher education programs. Establishing an elite master’s education program for the most talented students.Changes in the organization of admissions and educational programs
  • ADULT AND CONTINUOUS EDUCATION: programs for all members of the workforce, from low-skilled workers to highly qualified professionals. Greater emphasis on people with low literacy and numeracy skills. Measures to improve the basic general skills of the workforce.New forms of governance and funding

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